Over/Under: Los Angeles Clippers 2023-24



Key Additions

  • James Harden (trade)
  • PJ Tucker (trade)
  • Kobe Brown (draft)
  • Josh Primo (back from suspension)

Key Subtractions

  • Kenyon Martin Jr. 
  • Eric Gordon
  • Nic Batum
  • Marcus Morris
  • Robert Covington
  • Ballmer’s Patience


  • Guards
    • James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Bones Hyland
  • Wings
    • Norm Powell, Terrance Mann, Amir Coffey
  • Forwards
    • Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, PJ Tucker
  • Bigs
    • Ivica Zubac, Mason Plumlee

Random thoughts, opinions, comments, declarations, queries, editorials, etc.

Fortunately for the Clippers, they’re about to move into the Intuit Dome on the south side of Los Angeles. Steve Ballmer’s baby reportedly cost $2B to build, a pretty penny to pay in order to get out from under the Laker’s shadow. As a result, there’s no way the front office is about to tear down and rebuild right before the move. They’ll want butts in the seats starting in the ‘24-’25 season. And competing for a ch’ip this season will help.

Unfortunately for the Clippers, the new CBA’s “second apron” (a term you’re going to hear thrown around regularly when the Clips’ payroll is discussed) is going to be a major hindrance. They’re approximately $28 million over the luxury tax – firmly in second apron territory. The penalties, if they remain there, are terrifying to anyone’s bank account. Yes, even Ballmer’s. The release of Eric Gordon was one casualty, an important sidekick to PG & Kawhi because of his 3pt shooting. If they were going to make a move to get a star, they had to do it now. Enter James Harden, one of the most polarizing players in the league, who happens to also be one of the games best passers & shooters. They’ll look for him to carry the team through the slogs of January & February, and then let Kawhi & PG13 take the reins in the playoffs.

Speaking of last year’s playoffs, I actually picked them to beat the Suns in Round 1, and believe they would’ve done so, if not for Kawhi’s injury. Word is both he and PG13 are fully healthy in camp now. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

Last thing, it’s scary to think of how much they gave away in order to get Paul George from the Thunder (and, in effect, Kawhi Leonard). They’re still paying off that bill, plus SGA might be better than both Clippers’ stars at this point. To show for it, they’ve made one WCF appearance. 

Last Year – Interesting Stats

  • In their 4 seasons together, the Clips are 96-46 in games where Kawhi and PG 13 both played (including Playoffs)
  • They finished 3rd in the league in 3P%: .381
  • Kawhi averaged 34.5 points, 6.5 boards, and 6 assists in first 2 games of Suns series
  • In 21 gms with the Clippers, Westbrook shot .489 from the field and .356 from 3

Keys to Success

Kawhi’s health, Paul’s health, Harden & Westbrook bury any hatchets, Harden sacrifices shots for the good of the team, Harden sets one screen this year

Potential Obstacles

Kawhi’s health, Paul’s health, Westbrook, Harden, and Powell fight over 3rd option status, Bones Hyland fights for 1st option status, Harden quits on the team

Hot takes

  • Kawhi & PG13 play 50+ games together
  • Clips make it to, at least, the 2nd round of the playoffs
  • Ballmer makes a big midseason trade (coughdemarcoughderozencough) – (OOPS!)
  • James Harden never plays for the Clippers – (DOUBLE OOPS!)


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