Over/Under: Dallas Mavericks 2023-24


Key Additions

  • Grant Williams (trade)
  • Richaun Holmes (trade)
  • Dereck Lively (draft)
  • Olivier-Max Prosper (draft)
  • Seth Curry (free agency)
  • Dante Exum (free agency – Europe)

Key Subtractions

  • Reggie Bullock
  • Davis Bertans


  • Guards
    • Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Seth Curry, Jaden Hardy
  • Wings
    • Josh Green, Tim Hardaway Jr., Dante Exum, O-Max Prosper
  • Forwards
    • Grant Williams, Maxi Kleber, Derrick Jones Jr.
  • Bigs
    • Dwight Powell, Richaun Holmes, Dereck Lively

Random thoughts, opinions, comments, declarations, queries, editorials, etc.

Not much to say really. Though I love Cuban, Kidd, and Luka, I truly don’t enjoy watching this team play. The heliocentric offenses historically fail in the playoffs (See: Harden, James), and I assume this Mavs team will as well. Kyrie hasn’t played at a consistently high level since his last year in Cleveland. That was in 2017, btw. I imagine a lot of “Your Turn, My Turn” stuff in their offense. Until Luka learns how to move without the ball, the Mavs will be destined for mediocrity.

Last Year – Interesting Stats

  • 7-15 post all-star break, as the tank was in
  • 96.6 Pace – 28th out of 30
  • 116.7 Defensive Rating – 24th out of 30
  • 3rd in threes made and attempted
  • 30th in rebounds
  • 28th in assists
  • Luka averaged 32.4 ppg on 22 FGA

Keys to Success

Luka learns what a box-out is, Kyrie takes his meds consistently, Hardaway Jr., Green, and Curry all shoot 37% or above from 3, Williams & Kleber stay healthy, Richaun Holmes redeems his career

Potential Obstacles

Luka & Kyrie can’t figure each other out, Kyrie converts to Latvian Orthodox on a whim, their perimeter defense is historically bad, JKidd fails to hold his 2 stars accountable

Hot takes

  • The “Luka is Leaving” hype will reach a fever pitch mid-season when the Mavs hover around .500. 
  • Lukewarm take – Kyrie does something absurd at some point
  • Kyrie doesn’t finish the season with the Mavs
  • Neither does Jason Kidd
  • Dereck Lively is destined to become Jaxson Hayes
  • O-Max Prosper will be a stud, but not yet
  • Grant Williams will get punched in the face by both an opponent AND a teammate before the end of the season


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