Over/Under: Golden State Warriors 2023-24


Key Additions

  • Chris Paul (trade)
  • Brandin Podziemski (draft)
  • Cory Joseph (free agency)

Key Subtractions

  • Jordan Poole
  • Donte DiVincenzo


  • Guards
    • Steph Curry, Chris Paul, Cory Joseph
  • Wings
    • Klay Thompson, Gary Payton II, Moses Moody
  • Forwards
    • Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Kuminga
  • Bigs
    • Draymond Green, Kevon Looney, Dario Saric

Random thoughts, opinions, comments, declarations, queries, editorials, etc.

I love that Golden State tried the whole Two Timelines thing. Even though it seems as though it didn’t work, the philosophy is sound. Had they drafted Lamello Ball or Tyrese Haliburton (or half a dozen other guys) instead of Wiseman, we’d all be praising their strategy. That aside, I still have hope for Moody & Kuminga. Additionally, Steph has proven to still be in his prime. According to the calendar, Klay and Dray are still in their primes too. However, age doesn’t take into account injuries (Klay) or the inability to shoot beyond 5 feet (Dray).

Speaking of Klay, he will have to play most of his minutes at the 3 because he probably can’t be expected to stay in front of most 2s. This isn’t a bad thing because he has plenty of size to do the job. Plus he’s arguably the greatest 3&D player in history, though of course he’s much more than that. This will hopefully allow CP3 & Steph to man the two guard spots, though neither can be expected to chase the likes of De’Aaron Fox and Ja Morant all game long any more. So Gary Payton II better stay healthy.

CP3’s contract isn’t guaranteed for the ‘24-’25 season. Given that it’s worth $30mil, I doubt the Warriors pick up the option. Instead they’ll likely steer that money toward Klay’s extension. That aside, if CP3 plays well, I wouldn’t be shocked if GS convinces him to return at a smaller number.

Last note, I have a lot of love for Jordan Poole. Drafted at the end of the first round to a team right smack dab in the middle of a dynasty. Outplays his draft position by a mile. Becomes an important piece to the ‘22 champs. Earns a massive new contract. And then Draymond Green punches him in practice and he gets traded away, while Dray gets a $100mil contract. Life isn’t fair. He’s a very flawed player, but I hope Poole puts up 30ppg this season.

Last Year – Interesting Stats

  • 101.6 Pace ranks 2nd in the NBA
  • Joe Lacob and his crew bought the Warriors for $450 million in 2010.
  • The Warriors payroll is projected to be $400 million this season
  • Klay averaged about 8 threes per game before his injuries. Last year, he’s nearly 11/gm
  • Warriors finished 17th in Def Rating. They finished 1st in ‘21-’22 and 5th in ‘20-’21.

Keys to Success

Steph fends off Father Time yet again, CP3 discovers he’s entirely happy playing 25 min/game for a winning team, Wiggins stays physically healthy, Draymond stays mentally healthy

Potential Obstacles 

Father Time begins to catch up to Steph in the form of nagging injuries, Dray’s antics continue to be a distraction even though Poole is no longer there, CP3 has trouble finding his niche, Moody & Kuminga don’t improve, Wiggins has another injury riddled season

Hot takes

  • Steph Curry is the 9th or 10th best player in history
  • Klay Thompson is a 1st ballot Hall of Famer
  • Klay has been more important to the Warriors’ success than Draymond
  • Andrew Wiggins is the 2nd highest scorer behind Steph this season
  • Gary Payton II steals crunchtime minutes from CP3
  • Dray and CP3 butt heads
  • Moody surpasses Kuminga in the rotation
  • Dario Saric ends up playing important playoff minutes


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