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Chicago Bullseye 418 – The Prophetic Visions of See Red Fred

THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER! See Red Fred @cbefred, Mark Lewinthal @bullseyemark23, and Keith Frantz @bullscripted discuss the sudden progression towards greatness of the Budding Big Red Leviathan.

1:30 2 Biggest Reasons that the Team has been playing so well
5:00 Is Kris Dunn Done?
9:55 Bring Derrick Rose Back
12:45 The Face of the Team
14:00 What do you feel is more likely…Lauri becoming a top-10 player, or the Bulls wining the 10-14% Zion lottery, and he then will become a top-10 player?
17:50 Do we have the Eastern Conference Contender Core here already?
21:00 The Prophetic Visions of See Red Fred

Chicago Bullseye 363 – Interview with Paul Steeno of Blog a Bull

Paul Steeno of joins the Bullseye to share with listeners his Bulls fan history, his “Go Forward” List, the Niko-Bobby drama, the Butler trade, Coach Hoiberg, firing GarPax, and next  year’s draft class.

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Chicago Bullseye 255 – Interview w/ Big DAVE from BAWL!

Interview w/ Big Dave from BAWL!  Recorded on 1.8.14, Fred interviews Dave and they discuss a variety of timeless topics. @cbefred @BawlSports