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Chicago Bullseye 457 – The Blazers Loss, Lonzo’s History, and an Eye on the Bucks

See Red Fred interviews Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher about the Blazers Loss and witnessing Lonzo Ball play in high school. In part 2, Bucks’ expert Jeff Tyree is interviewed for our Eye on the Competition segment.

Chicago Bullseye 456 – Interview with the Amazing Gustavo of Bulls Twitter

In a new segment of the Chicago Bullseye, See Red Fred interviews the Amazing Gustavo, one of the many stars on Bulls Twitter.

Gustavo’s Start 1:25
Coby White 2:52
Extending Zach? 5:00
Lauri 6:00
Least and Favorite Bulls Player 7:00
Lonzo Ball 8:30
Coby for Ball? 9:20
Lauri for Ball? 9:45
Trading Thad or the Keep for the Playoffs? 11:23
Expectation met? 14:00
Shining Lights of Bulls Twitter 15:30
Denzel 17:00
Doug or MarkK? 24:00
Who bothers you on Bulls Twitter? 26:00

Chicago Bullseye 455 – Interview with Kevin Bulldog Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago

Chicago Bullseye 455 – Interview with Kevin Bulldog Anderson
See Red Fred interviews Kevin Bulldog Anderson about the Beloved Bulls. They discuss Zach LaVine, Coby White, and the future of Lauri Markkanen with the team.

00:16 The Fulfillment of Fred’s Prophecies
1:41 Why Doesn’t the Fanbase Love Zach LaVine
7:40 Should the Bulls Trade Zach or Give him a Max
10:00 Zach and Dallas
12:17 In Defense of Coby White
20:30 What do we do with Lauri?
26:45 Do we trade the Vets?

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Chicago Bullseye 454 – An Interview with Legendary Sportscaster Mark Schanowski

See Red Fred interviews legendary sportscaster Mark Schanowski. They discuss a variety of topics about his history covering the team and the current iteration of the Red Leviathan.

This episode is sponsored by IDIQ:

1:00 The Mark Schanowski 411
3:30 Kareem leaves Milwaukee & Superstars Departing
13:42 Experiences Covering the Team
15:30 Will the Bulls Make the Playoffs?
17:30 Should the Bulls Keep the Vets and Make a Playoff Run?
19:00 Would you trade LaVine?
21:00 If Lauri get 20 million per year, do you match?
24:45 Coby White
25:75 Patrick Williams

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Chicago Bullseye 451 – The Silvy Interview

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews Chicago legend Silvy @waddleandsilvy (aka Marc Silverman), ½ of the ESPN 1000 iconic duo “Waddle & Silvy”. A variety of Bulls-centric topics are discussed in this interview guaranteed to please young and old alike.

1:00 What advice would you give to the youngsters listening in order to achieve broadcasting domination?
2:22 What are the memories that come to mind first when you sit back and recollect about your years covering the Bulls?
4:50 What member of the Bulls did you enjoy covering the most? The least? Silvy relates the story of his big break at WGN with the MJ Interview.
9:00 Were you as irritated about the fall-out after the last Dance against Michael as I was?
10:42 Noah-Rose-Taj-Butler…from 2007-2011, Does this represent the greatest GM run in the history of Chicago sports?
16:25 Rapid Fire Questions
• Would the Bulls have beat the Celtics in 2017 if Rondo didn’t get hurt?
• Knowing what you know now, would you still make the Butler trade?
• If Boylen is still head coach of the Bulls you will _____.
22:53 Silvy Strong

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Chicago Bullseye 450 – Tip-Off Number Two

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews NBC Sports Chicago’s Kevin Anderson @Kevin_NBC5 regarding a variety of NBA topics.

01:00 Will We Finish this Season?

8:00 Will the 2020 NBA Title Require an Asterisk?

14:40 The NBA Contenders

21:21 Who will win the 2020 NBA Championship?

23:49 Are the Bulls Missing the Bubble Detrimental to their Future?

29:52 Zach LaVine’s Growth

32:00 Lauri’s Regression

33:00 Wendell Carter Jr.

34:53 Coby White’s Development

Chicago Bullseye 449 – Interview with Bulls Dynasty Beat Writer Kent McDill

See Red Fred interviews Kent McDill @KMcDill, the only Bulls Beat Writer to cover all 6 Bulls Title Teams.

Kent McDill 411 2:25

Doug Collins vs. Phil Jackson 7:00

Why was Doug Collins Fired? 8:30

The Game 7 Loss to the Pistons in 1990 11:30

You were the only Beat Writer to cover all six championship teams. Which one of those teams did you feel was the best? What team represented the best competition? 13:30

What players/coaches did you enjoy the best relationship with / who did you enjoy interviewing? What players/coaches/FO were more problematic? 16:30

Do you feel the unfair coverage and speculation from the national media in 93 spurred MJ’s retirement? Or do you feel it would have happened no matter what? 27:30

Who changed the most in your time covering the Bulls: MJ, Scottie or Phil? 33:00

Why did the Krause-Phil relationship disintegrate? 36:40

I am going to name some players-Coaches-FO personnel…I’d you to briefly comment on these gentlemen, w/ the first characteristics-images-stories that come to your head: 38:00

Dennis Rodman
John Paxson
Bill Cartwright
Horace Grant
Toni Kukoc
Steve Kerr
Johnny Bach
Jerry Reinsdorf

Chicago Bullseye – “Last Dance” Roundtable Pregame

See Red Fred is joined by 3 generations of Bulls fans (Gabrielle Blackwell, Stuart Lazarus, Coach Colucci) in a pregame prep for Episode 9 & 10.

1:00 What were the interesting revelations for you in Episodes 7 & 8?
8:15 What do you want to see in Episodes 9 & 10?
11:45 Better or Worse? Who do you feel better or worse about after viewing this Documentary? Jordan / Pippen / Coach Jackson / Krause

Chicago Bullseye 447 – The Battles of the Bulls, Pistons, and Knicks

See Red Fred Interview @cbefred interviews Coach Michael Colucci. Coach Colucci was a former Knicks fan with a unique perspective on the rivalries of the late 80’s and 90’s. A wide variety of topics are discussed about that era.

Chicago Bullseye – The Last Dance Roundtable

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews John Watson, Paul Conner, and James Kim in a Bulls Roundtable discussing “The Last Dance” Parts 1 & 2.

0:00 See Red Fred with Waddle & Silvy
5:00 What was your biggest surprise in episodes 1 & 2?
16:30 What do you want to see in future episodes?
27:00 Better or worse? Who did you feel better about after watching the doc? Who did you feel worse about?

Michael Jordan, the GOAT, is still Underrated

“I watched two Jordan playoff games on NBA TV last night — his 45-point evisceration of the ’90 Sixers (Game 4), and the night he rammed a stake into the hearts of the Bad Boy Pistons (Game 3 of the eventual 1991 sweep) — and came away wondering if Jordan was actually underrated. A strange takeaway from someone who already believed Jordan was the greatest basketball player ever, and that we’d never see anyone like him again. But that’s how I felt. When will I see the league’s best athlete, hardest worker, smartest player and most ruthless competitor in the same body again?” – Bill Simmons 9.12.2011

The countless debates I’ve had over the past 5 years with seemingly knowledgeable fans, who firmly believe Lebron is a better player than Michael Jordan, serves as my primary evidence for Jordan’s status as an underrated player. Most people 25 and under have no memory of watching Michael play in a Bulls uniform. Sports personalities like Nick Wright, born in Jordan’s rookie year of 1984, espouse moronic arguments on Lebron’s superiority. Nick doesn’t have real memories of Jordan at his apex, which were the years from 1987-1993. Many commentators do not remember 1987-88, when Michael averaged 35 points, 3.2 steals and 1.6 Blocks, all numbers LBJ never achieved. Few remember 1988-89, when Michael averaged 32.5 PPG, 8 rebounds and 8 assists.

There’s one simple but significant difference between LBJ and Michael. Michael was ready to win titles in 1986, but his teammates were not. LBJ’s teammates were ready to win titles in 2011, but LeBron was not. James shrunk on the NBA’s greatest stage and was outplayed by Dirk and his inferior Dallas team. This fact cannot be erased or ignored. In 6 games vs the Mavericks in 2011, LBJ never led his team in scoring. Contrast that stat with Jordan, who was the highest scorer on the court for every game against the Suns (Barkley tied him with 42 once) in 1993, and for the majority of games he played in his Finals career.

Jordan was the greatest member of the Red Leviathan, who took the vast majority of often average teammates by the collar, and dragged them up mountains of achievement. Whenever the Bulls faced a moment of truth, all eyes turned to Michael. No player, LeBron included, had more weight on his shoulders. Even his greatest teammate, Pippen, couldn’t consistently step up against the feared Pistons teams until 1991. I don’t believe Scottie could have achieved his status as one of the best of all time without Michael providing cover and propulsion during Pippen’s formative years.

Michael never deferred, as Lebron did in the 2011 Finals. While succumbing to Dirk, LeBron deferred to Wade. He became insignificant on a national stage. And he did this over the course of a series, not just in one game. Everyone can point an occasional bad game, but the greatest will never fail over an entire series, and that never happened to Jordan.

Michael’s impact on our city is also underrated outside of basketball. There was a time when the most famous Chicagoan was the gangster Al Capone, according to many who remember our city before Michael’s arrival. Today, Jordan, Oprah, and President Obama are the names most often associated with Chicago, and we should all take solace in that fact.

It’s also hard for younger fans to comprehend the “loser” reputation Chicago once held in the world of major sports. None of our teams produced a champion from 1963 until 1985. Even the 85 Bears, undoubtedly great, left a sea of disappointment in their wake, with all of those legendary players failing to achieve another trip to the Super Bowl. There was still a palpable attitude that Chicago was nowhere near New York, Boston, or LA in terms of “winning sports towns”. Jordan took that albatross and smashed it forever. Chicago went from “second city” status to a metropolis synonymous with greatness within a few years, almost entirely due to the feats of Jordan.

LeBron is the second best I’ve ever seen. He’s a fantastic athlete, an incredible basketball player, and a good guy. But when it comes to ranking the best ever, it’s Michael Jordan and a Grand Canyon between one and two. There will never be another basketball player as great and life-changing as Michael Jordan. All attempts to describe his impact and importance on Chicago fall short. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player and Chicago athlete of all-time, and as is the case in most debates, he’s somehow still underrated.

“See Red Fred” Pfeiffer
Instagram: chicagobullseye
Email: [email protected]

Chicago Bullseye 446 – Interview with Bulls Outsider Big Dave Watson

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews Bulls Outsider Big Dave Watson on a variety of topics.

0-4:20 See Red Fred on Waddle & Silvy 4.17.20
6:17 AK for the Sevens
8:57 Head Coach and General Manager
11:20 The top 3 Moves of Pax
17:50 Big Dave doesn’t like Scott Skiles
19:45 Rose over Beasley
21:21 Core Four Discussion
34:00 The Last Dance

Chicago Bullseye 445 – Arturasapalooza Part 1 w/ Stephen Noh

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews the great Bulls Master of Prose Stephen Noh @StephNoh about Arturas Karnisovas. Topics discussed include:

AK History and Philosophy
Adrian Griffin
Fire GarPax and the Kevin Anderson Tweet
Will the Core 4 be back?
The Athletic
Bulls Free Agent Signings
Hinkie is a Bum
The players in Review
Ranking the Core

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Chicago Bullseye 444 – Coby White and The Top 10 Scenes of Star Wars

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews Bulldog Kevin Anderson @kevinAnderson for a discussion on the Bulls and his top-10 Star Wars Scenes. This latest episode of the Chicago Bullseye was recorded after 3 straight games of 30+ for the incredible Coby White.

Topics Include:
1:00 Should Coby White Start?
6:30 To tank or not to tank?
10:00 Are you angry about Pax moving upstairs?
12:30 The Roster
14:30 How much will Kris Dunn get paid?
21:00 Bulldog Kevin Anderson’s Top 10 Star Wars Scenes
29:00 What was your process for the Top 10

Chicago Bullseye 442 – Bulls Lose on Thunder Road and DePaul is Back

See Red Fred @cbefred discusses the awful loss to the Thunder. In the 2nd half of the show, John Watson (Older Brother to Bulls Outsider Big Dave @bawlsports) joins the show to discuss the return of DePaul basketball.
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Chicago Bullseye 440B – Heat Check w/ Alex Stancioff

Special Addendum to Chicago Bullseye 440. Miami Heat Expert Alex Stancioff @alexcon stops by to talk about Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat before their game vs. the Beloved Bulls tonight.

Chicago Bullseye 439 – The Great Sean Highkin Talks Bulls

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews the Bleacher Report’s Master of Prose Sean Highkin @highkin. Recorded immediately after the Bulls victory over the Knicks, Sean talks Boylen, Coby White, the disappointing start, Thibs, and all things NBA.

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Chicago Bullseye 437 – The Red Leviathan Winneth

See Red Fred @cbefred and Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher discuss the Bulls win over Memphis in Game 2. They also provide their Finals predictions.

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Chicago Bullseye 436 – Bullseye at Bulls Practice Part 2

Part 2 was recorded after the 1st Preseason game. See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @bullscripted discuss the Bulls practice we were able to witness on October 5th, 2019.

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Chicago Bullseye 435 – The Bulls are Almost Back with NBC’s Bulldog Kevin Anderson

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews NBC Sports Chicago’s legend Bulldog Kevin Anderson. They touch on a variety of topics before the Bulls start training camp next week. Topics include:

1:30 What addition to the Bulls will contribute the most to winning in 2019-20?
4:30 The Return of Denzel Valentine
6:29 Who is starting at PG?
10:09 Boylen’s First Camp
12:05 Otto Porter Jr.’s Contract
18:00 Boylen’s comments about Parker
21:00 Boylen’s comments about Sato
27:00 The Path to the Dark Side
28:10 USA Basketball is a Travesty
33:00 Star Wars Episode 9 Predictions

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Chicago Bullseye 434 Part 1: Interview with Michael Walton II of NBC Sports Chicago

In this episode, See Red Fred @cbefred interviews Michael Walton II @ZenMasterMike in a wide-ranging discussion on the Beloved Bulls. They discuss the draft, the free agent signings, and where the Bulls will likely end in the East. Email the show: [email protected]

Chicago Bullseye 433 – Part 2 Interview with Nuggets Expert Stuart Lazarus

In part 2 of Episode 433, Nuggets Expert Stuart Lazarus joins the Bullseye to discuss See Red Fred’s pick to win the West, the Denver Nuggets.

Can the Nuggets win the West?
Michael Porter Jr 1:38
Power Structure in Denver
Wade to the Nuggest 3:57
Mistakes of the Nuggets Front Office 5:15
West Predictions 14:05

Chicago Bullseye – Part 1B Interview with Bulldog Anderson of NBC

“Bulldog” Kevin Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago joins the Bullseye to discuss the burgeoning Red Leviathan after their successful offseason.

Defense of Kris Dunn
The #8 Seed in the West
Will Chris Paul Be Traded?
Happy 40th Birthday to Mark K

Chicago Bullseye 433 – Part 1A Interview with Bulldog Anderson of NBC

Part 1A “Bulldog” Kevin Anderson joins the Bullseye to discuss the burgeoning Red Leviathan after their successful offseason.

Ranking the Offseason 1:40
Fanbase Positivity 3:00
The 6 Teams Ahead of the Bulls 5:45
The Bulls Tier 10:00
Bulls Depth 14:00
Defense of Kris Dunn 17:45

The Big Red Bus #26 – Ranking the Bulls in the East Part 1

Bulls Podcasting Legends See Red Fred @cbefred & the Great One Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss the Bulls draft, free agency, and ranking the Bulls in the East.
The Big Red Bus: Ranking the Bulls in the East Part 1
2:40 Doug’s Thoughts on the Draft
6:10 The Disappearance of the Traditional Point Guard
9:14 Free Agency Review
13:00 Let’s Pretend Otto Porter Jr was an Unrestricted Free Agent
19:01 The Injury Problem for the Bulls
21:01 Where Do the Bulls Rank in the East

Chicago Bullseye 431 – Interview with Kevin “Bulldog” Anderson discussing the Bulls Draft

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews the sagacious Kevin Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago regarding the Bulls draft and potential free agent targets.

2:29 See Red Fred’s Mental Breakdown During the Draft
4:30 Zach LaVine is Undervalued & Tampering Galore
7:30 Lonzo Ball doesn’t fit with Zach LaVine
15:50 Coby White Draft Pick
20:20 Daniel Gafford
23:23 Options at the 4
25:00 Beverley and Brogdon Contract Options
32:00 Corey Joseph
36:16 See Red Fred vs. Bulls Outsider Matt Peck

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Chicago Bullseye 430 – Interview with Sean Highkin

See Red Fred interviews the Glorious Wordsmith and NBA expert Sean Highkin. They discuss his time as a beat writer covering the Bulls and his current stop with the Blazers:

1:00 Sean Highkin 411
3:37 Blazer Fans
5:14 Highkin’s First Year in Chicago
6:00 The Fanbase Negativity
10:30 The Fall of Thibs
14:00 The 3 Alphas
21:50 Jimmy Butler
28:05 Wall or Felicio?
37:00 Draft Picks
38:19 Patrick Beverley
43:43 Ed Davis
45:11 Ed Davis or Rolo or Taj?
47:30 Favorite Player to Cover
49:34 Favorite Coach to Cover

Chicago Bullseye 429 – Interview with Chicago Icon David Kaplan

Chicago Legend David Kaplan makes his first appearance on the Chicago Bullseye. See Red Fred asks Kap for his reasons regarding the rampant negativity within the Bulls fan base. He also shares his story about the Scottie Pippen – Shawn Kemp trade of 1994, that David Kaplan imploded with his reporting. This “Pippen trade that didn’t happen” is the most underrated and under-reported story in Chicago Sports History. Kap’s actions had a massive impact on Bulls History.

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Chicago Bullseye 428 – Lottery Thoughts

See Red Fred provides his post-lottery thoughts and hope for moving forward. In Part 2, See Red Fred interview Paul Conner @paulconner of Bulls Twitter, and they discuss a wide variety of Bulls topics. This is the first segment of “Fixtures of Bulls Twitter”, where SRF interviews shining lights of Bulls Twitter.

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Chicago Bullseye 427 – Top Draft Prospect Review Part 2 with Keith Frantz

Keith Frantz @BullScripted joins the Chicago Bullseye to make the case for Darius Garland. See Red Fred (@cbefred) interviews.

1:00 Darius Garland
5:40 Ja and LaVine
10:20 Coby White
16:08 Kris Dunn Island

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