Over/Under: Oklahoma City Thunder 2023-24


Key Additions

  • Chet Holmgren (draft / injury return)
  • Davis Bertans (trade)
  • Victor Oladipo (trade)
  • Cason Wallace (draft)

Key Subtractions

  • Dario Saric
  • Their underdog status around the league. 


  • Guards
    • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Vasilije Micic, Cason Wallace
  • Wings
    • Josh Giddey, Lu Dort, Jalen Williams, Isaiah Joe
  • Forwards
    • Kenrich Williams, Ousmane Dieng, Aleksej Pokusevski
  • Bigs
    • Chet Holmgren, Jaylin Williams

Random thoughts, opinions, comments, declarations, queries, editorials, etc.

It’s not easy to graduate from Rebuilding Team to Competing Team. Yes, you have to collect and develop the right talent along the way. Indeed, you will need a head coach who commands the respect of his players. Also, there needs to be a collective impatience to take that next step, especially by your best players, which requires Learning to Win, a difficult study for young guys who have only ever experienced losing early in their careers.

But ultimately, the major hurdle is that you’re no longer “below the radar” around the league. Last few years, when teams saw OKC on the schedule, they knew they could rest their stars, or try implementing new schemes & plays, or the players themselves could afford staying out late the night before the game. If OKC was in town, it was a W.

Well, that era, short as it was (only 2 seasons), is now over. The Thunder put themselves on the map last season, led by a bonafide superstar in SGA. The league is paying attention, and I think it will be reflected in OKC’s record. As a teacher once told me, It’s easy to get an A. Anyone can get an A once. But KEEPING the A, that’s the real challenge.” And that’s OKC’s challenge. Their rebuild is over. Now, are they ready to be consistently competitive?

Last Year – Interesting Stats

  • Led NBA in Turnovers Forced (16.8/pg)
  • SGA shot over 90% on nearly 11FTs per game
  • Josh Giddey averaged 16.6 points, 6 assists, and 8 boards per game… in his Age 20 season

Keys to Success

Chet’s feet, playing Kenny Hustle more at the 4, improved 3 point shooting by SGA, Giddey, and Wing Jalen Williams

Potential Obstacles

Health, if they stumble out of the gates will “SGA Wants Out” rumors begin, lack of veteran leadership, Giddey extension talk distractions

Hot takes

  • Josh Giddey goes on the trade block under the radar
  • Holmgren plays only half the season, at most, due to injury/injury prevention
  • SGA duplicates last year
  • They fall out of the Play-In.


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