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Chicago Bullseye 408 – To Practice or Not to Practice

The Enigmatic Bulldog Kevin Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago discusses a tumultuous week for the Beloved Bulls. Was it the Coach or players who committed the gravest sins? Follow Kevin: @Kevin_NBCS Follow See Red Fred: @cbefred Email the Chicago Bullseye:

Chicago Bullseye 400 – Interview w/ The Venerable Kevin Anderson

The distinguished Kevin Anderson joins the Bullseye to discuss the dilapidated state of the Beloved Bulls. This episode was recorded shortly after the news of the Portis injury.
1:00 The Chosen One Part 1: Ricky O’Donnell @SBN_Ricky
3:15 The Chosen One Part 2: Zach LaVine @ZachLaVine
7:11 Who Won the Butler Trade?
11:40 Are the Bulls a Playoff Caliber Team in 4-6 weeks?
18:30 The Hutchison & Carter Jr. Future
21:30 Jabari Parker
26:00 Cap Breakdown
33:20 The Answer at the Three
35:15 Tolerating Payne
37:26 What order do you recommend viewing the Star Wars Films?
45:00 The Last Jedi Debate
54:43 Bulls Outsiders
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Chicago Bullseye 391 – Kevin “Bulldog” Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago Part 1

The Indomitable Kevin “Bulldog” Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago joins the Bullseye for a wide-ranging interview on the NBA and the Beloved Bulls.

Kendall Gill’s Fountain of Youth / The 411 on Bulldog Kevin Anderson / The Bulls Front Office / Draymond Green /  The Myth of Thibs’ Player Development / Does Thibs Regret the Trade? / The T-Wolves Future / Mo Bamba’s Bust Potential / Mikal Bridges /

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