Chicago Bullseye

Hosted ByFred Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal

Two of the greatest Chicago Bulls fans in history, Fred Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal, have joined forces to bestow upon you their enlightened commentary and insights. The Chicago Bullseye, established in 2007, is one of the longest running Chicago podcasts on the web. We discuss all-things Bulls, Chicago, movies, & music.

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The Big Red Bus 32 – Deni A & Okanye Okongwu Breakdown

See Red Fred and Doug Thonus break down 2 of the top 10 NDA draft prospects: Draft Prospect Analysis Avdija is an Israeli-Serbian professional basketball player who last played for Maccabi Tel Aviv of the I1:30 Born: January 3, 2001 (age 19 years), Beit Zera, Israel Height: 6′ 9″ Weight: 220 lbs (1:30) Onyeka Okongwu is a Nigerian-American basketball player. He played college basketball for the USC Trojans. Listed at 6 feet 9 inches and 245 pounds, he plays the power forward position. Okongwu was a four-year starter at Chino Hills High School in California, playing alongside Lonzo and LaMelo Ball. (12:30) Born: December 11, 2000 (age...

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The Big Red Bus 30 – Isaac Okoro and The Butler Did It

The Big Red Bus #30 – See Red Fred @cbefred and the Podfather @doug_thonus take out the Big Red Bus for a lively discussion on a variety of Bulls-related topics. In this show: Billy Donovan, Mike D and Experienced Coaches for the Bulls 1:30 Draft Prospect Analysis: Isaac Okoro, 6 ft 6 inches, 225 lbs, 19 years old from the University of Auburn (8:04) Trading Back (12:00) Do you like Okoro more or less than _____? (14:00) Revisiting the Jimmy Butler Trade 19:00 Can you win a Title with Jimmy Butler as your Best Player? Where is Jimmy Butler in relation to the rest of the League?

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The Big Red Bus 29 – Will Giannis Jump on our Bus?

See Red Fred and the Podfather Doug Thonus discuss a variety of Bulls topics, most notably whether or not Giannis will jump on the Bus in 2021. James Wiseman and the Evolution of the Center position 1:00 Tyrese Haliburton 5:00 Keep the Pick or Trade It? 12:10 Giannis on the Bulls 24:00 Coby White’s Last 10 Games Bulls Free Agent Destination in 2021 29:00

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The Big Red Bus #28 – Back on the Bus

See Red Fred and the Podfather Doug Thonus take the Big Red Bus out for a ride to discuss a variety of Bulls topics: Ranking the Bulls Head Coaching Candidates: Nate McMillan, Ime Udoka, Adrian Griffin, Kenny Atkinson, Mark Jackson and others are discussed. 1:00 Would you trade LaVine, one of the other core 4, and the pick for Ben Simmons? 14:00 Who would you prefer to send to the Sixers in addition to Zach to complete the trade? 16:00 If you were the Sixers, which player would you prefer to trade to the Bulls, Embiid or Simmons? For the next 2 seasons, which player would you...

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Chicago Bullseye 452 – Draft Talk with Rob Schaefer of NBC Sports Chicago

See Red Fred interviews NBC Sports Chicago’s Rob Schaefer on a variety of topics, highlighted with his top 4 prospects in the upcoming NBA 2020 draft. Rob 411 (1:00} Bulls 2017 > Celtics 2017 (4:00) Defending Thibs (6:30) The Knicks Future (12:00) Would you make the Butler Trade Again? (14:30) Rob’s Top 2020 Draft Prospects (23:00}

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Chicago Bullseye 451 – The Silvy Interview

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews Chicago legend Silvy @waddleandsilvy (aka Marc Silverman), ½ of the ESPN 1000 iconic duo “Waddle & Silvy”. A variety of Bulls-centric topics are discussed in this interview guaranteed to please young and old alike. 1:00 What advice would you give to the youngsters listening in order to achieve broadcasting domination? 2:22 What are the memories that come to mind first when you sit back and recollect about your years covering the Bulls? 4:50 What member of the Bulls did you enjoy covering the most? The least? Silvy relates the story of his big break at WGN with the MJ Interview. 9:00 Were...

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Chicago Bullseye 450 – Tip-Off Number Two

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews NBC Sports Chicago’s Kevin Anderson @Kevin_NBC5 regarding a variety of NBA topics. 01:00 Will We Finish this Season? 8:00 Will the 2020 NBA Title Require an Asterisk? 14:40 The NBA Contenders 21:21 Who will win the 2020 NBA Championship? 23:49 Are the Bulls Missing the Bubble Detrimental to their Future? 29:52 Zach LaVine’s Growth 32:00 Lauri’s Regression 33:00 Wendell Carter Jr. 34:53 Coby White’s Development

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Chicago Bullseye 449 – Interview with Bulls Dynasty Beat Writer Kent McDill

See Red Fred interviews Kent McDill @KMcDill, the only Bulls Beat Writer to cover all 6 Bulls Title Teams. Kent McDill 411 2:25 Doug Collins vs. Phil Jackson 7:00 Why was Doug Collins Fired? 8:30 The Game 7 Loss to the Pistons in 1990 11:30 You were the only Beat Writer to cover all six championship teams. Which one of those teams did you feel was the best? What team represented the best competition? 13:30 What players/coaches did you enjoy the best relationship with / who did you enjoy interviewing? What players/coaches/FO were more problematic? 16:30 Do you feel the unfair coverage and speculation from the national...

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Chicago Bullseye – “Last Dance” Roundtable Pregame

See Red Fred is joined by 3 generations of Bulls fans (Gabrielle Blackwell, Stuart Lazarus, Coach Colucci) in a pregame prep for Episode 9 & 10. Topics: 1:00 What were the interesting revelations for you in Episodes 7 & 8? 8:15 What do you want to see in Episodes 9 & 10? 11:45 Better or Worse? Who do you feel better or worse about after viewing this Documentary? Jordan / Pippen / Coach Jackson / Krause

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