Chicago Bullseye 278 – Interview #3 with Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher

Finals Recap (What were the key factors in Golden State winning the NBA Title?) * Kerr vs. Thibs * Did Iggy deserve the MVP? * The New Generation of Hybrid Players * What happened to the Great NBA Centers? * NBA Draft Talk – The Top 3 * Potential Picks Available to the Bulls * Tree of Lute & Tree of Walton

Chicago Bullseye 277 – Interview #2 with Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher

Basketball Expert Tim Gallagher joins the Bullseye again to discuss Fred Hoiberg, Steve Kerr, the NBA Finals, & the epic 1975 series between the Bulls & Warriors.

Chicago Bullseye 274 – Part 1: Game 6 Review, Part 2: Interview w/ Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher

Part 1, Fred & Mark Review Game 6 & The Future of Thibs

Part 2, Interview w/ Tim Gallagher (24 minute mark): What has disappointed you the most about the Bulls in this series? Strengths & Weaknesses of Thibs * David Blatt * Who Will Come out of the West? * Hack – a – DJ * Stories of Pax *

Chicago Bullseye 255 – Interview w/ Big DAVE from BAWL!

Interview w/ Big Dave from BAWL!  Recorded on 1.8.14, Fred interviews Dave and they discuss a variety of timeless topics. @cbefred @BawlSports


Chicago Bullseye 254 – Interview w/ Brandon Pence @TheBullsCharge

Interview w/ Brandon Pence @TheBullsCharge, Bulls writer who can be found at ChiBullsZone.  We touch on a variety of timeless Bulls Topics.

Chicago Bullseye 252 – Shades of MVP Rose

Recorded Saturday After the Portland Game * MVP Derrick is Back * Alridge vs. Tyrus Thomas * Rose – Brooks Backcourt *


Chicago Bullseye 251 – The Ups & Downs of Jimmy & Derrick

Happy Thanksgiving Bulls Fans!  After an initial brief discussion on the importance of Guns n Roses, Fred and Mark discuss the latest “injury” and/or benching of Derrick Rose.  Fred encourages the fan base to “calm down”, and remember “it’s only November”.