The Last Dance

Chicago Bullseye 448 – The Darnell Mayberry Interview Part 1

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews the great Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry of the Athletic in this wide-ranging interview. Part 2 can be found at BullsHQ. This interview includes the following topics:

What would you estimate the chances are for Jim Boylen to be back? What do you feel Jim did well in his time as coach? What do you feel he did poorly? A recently report stated some players defended him, while some key players blasted him. Who do you feel was his biggest fan? Who do you feel was not?

Rank the core 4 for me in terms of who do you feel are most integral to turning this around: LaVine-White-WCJ-Lauri. Knowing what you do about the new management team, who do you feel is most likely to be moved?

Chicago Bullseye 446 – Interview with Bulls Outsider Big Dave Watson

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews Bulls Outsider Big Dave Watson on a variety of topics.

0-4:20 See Red Fred on Waddle & Silvy 4.17.20
6:17 AK for the Sevens
8:57 Head Coach and General Manager
11:20 The top 3 Moves of Pax
17:50 Big Dave doesn’t like Scott Skiles
19:45 Rose over Beasley
21:21 Core Four Discussion
34:00 The Last Dance