Mark Lewinthal

Chicago Bullseye 418 – The Prophetic Visions of See Red Fred

THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER! See Red Fred @cbefred, Mark Lewinthal @bullseyemark23, and Keith Frantz @bullscripted discuss the sudden progression towards greatness of the Budding Big Red Leviathan.

1:30 2 Biggest Reasons that the Team has been playing so well
5:00 Is Kris Dunn Done?
9:55 Bring Derrick Rose Back
12:45 The Face of the Team
14:00 What do you feel is more likely…Lauri becoming a top-10 player, or the Bulls wining the 10-14% Zion lottery, and he then will become a top-10 player?
17:50 Do we have the Eastern Conference Contender Core here already?
21:00 The Prophetic Visions of See Red Fred

Chicago Bullseye 374 – Bye Bye Mr. Montenegrin Pie

The Original Bullseye Boys (See Red Fred & Mark) are back to discuss the trade of Niko Mirotic.   They discuss the Pelicans playoff-lottery chances and the career of Niko in a Bulls uniform.  At the end of the podcast, the Clippers-Pistons trade of Blake Griffin

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The Chicago Bullseye


Chicago Bullseye 358 – Start Me Up

Fred reviews the Bulls domination in Orlando.  At the 7 minute mark, Keith of Bulls Scripted @BullScripted joins Fred @cbefred & Mark @BullseyeMark23 to discuss the start of the season, especially the hot start of Lauri Markannen.

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Chicago Bullseye 342 – To Pax or Not to Pax

Fred and Mark reunite for a discussion on the front office and the future of the team.

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Chicago Bullseye 337 – See Red Fred Clips & the Denver Game

The show begins with 2 clips from the “Waddle & Silvy” show on ESPN 1000 in Chicago.   The first clip was recorded shortly after the Bulls were 5-4, the 2nd was recorded after the Bulls beat Portland.   Afterward, Fred and Mark discuss the Nuggets loss and the state of the team.  Recorded just before the victory in Philly.

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Chicago Bullseye 335 – The Heat Is Off

Fred and Mark discuss the Bulls victory over the Heat and recent games vs. the Hawks and Magic.    They also debate what the team needs in order to become a legitimate challenger.

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