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Hosted ByFred Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal

Two of the greatest Chicago Bulls fans in history, Fred Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal, have joined forces to bestow upon you their enlightened commentary and insights. The Chicago Bullseye, established in 2007, is one of the longest running Chicago podcasts on the web. We discuss all-things Bulls, Chicago, movies, & music.

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Chicago Bullseye 433 – Part 2 Interview with Nuggets Expert Stuart Lazarus

In part 2 of Episode 433, Nuggets Expert Stuart Lazarus joins the Bullseye to discuss See Red Fred’s pick to win the West, the Denver Nuggets. Topics: Can the Nuggets win the West? Michael Porter Jr 1:38 Power Structure in Denver Wade to the Nuggest 3:57 Mistakes of the Nuggets Front Office 5:15 West Predictions 14:05

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Chicago Bullseye – Part 1B Interview with Bulldog Anderson of NBC

“Bulldog” Kevin Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago joins the Bullseye to discuss the burgeoning Red Leviathan after their successful offseason. Topics: Defense of Kris Dunn The #8 Seed in the West Will Chris Paul Be Traded? Happy 40th Birthday to Mark K

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Chicago Bullseye 433 – Part 1A Interview with Bulldog Anderson of NBC

Part 1A “Bulldog” Kevin Anderson joins the Bullseye to discuss the burgeoning Red Leviathan after their successful offseason. Topics: Ranking the Offseason 1:40 Fanbase Positivity 3:00 The 6 Teams Ahead of the Bulls 5:45 The Bulls Tier 10:00 Bulls Depth 14:00 Defense of Kris Dunn 17:45

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Chicago Bullseye 432 – The Bulls Draft, Free Agency, and Predicting Rotations

Chicago Bullseye 432 – The Draft, Summer League, and Predicting Rotations See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @bullscripted discuss the draft, the roster, and the free agency moves of the Bulls. They finish with a discussion with why adding Russell Westbrook would be a poor idea…recorded just before the Westbrook trade to Houston. 1:50 Drafting Coby White 3:24 Who should start at Point Guard? 12:00 Daniel Gafford 15:00 Thad Young 17:49 Satoransky 21:00 Luke Kornet 23:09 Ryan ArcIsSigned! 27:23 Rotations 31:00 Eastern Conference Playoff Teams 37:00 Say No to Westbrook

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Chicago Bullseye 431 – Interview with Kevin “Bulldog” Anderson discussing the Bulls Draft

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews the sagacious Kevin Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago regarding the Bulls draft and potential free agent targets. 2:29 See Red Fred’s Mental Breakdown During the Draft 4:30 Zach LaVine is Undervalued & Tampering Galore 7:30 Lonzo Ball doesn’t fit with Zach LaVine 15:50 Coby White Draft Pick 20:20 Daniel Gafford 23:23 Options at the 4 25:00 Beverley and Brogdon Contract Options 32:00 Corey Joseph 36:16 See Red Fred vs. Bulls Outsider Matt Peck Follow See Red Fred on Twitter: @cbefred Email the show: [email protected]

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Chicago Bullseye 430 – Interview with Sean Highkin

See Red Fred interviews the Glorious Wordsmith and NBA expert Sean Highkin. They discuss his time as a beat writer covering the Bulls and his current stop with the Blazers: 1:00 Sean Highkin 411 3:37 Blazer Fans 5:14 Highkin’s First Year in Chicago 6:00 The Fanbase Negativity 10:30 The Fall of Thibs 14:00 The 3 Alphas 21:50 Jimmy Butler 28:05 Wall or Felicio? 37:00 Draft Picks 38:19 Patrick Beverley 43:43 Ed Davis 45:11 Ed Davis or Rolo or Taj? 47:30 Favorite Player to Cover 49:34 Favorite Coach to Cover

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Chicago Bullseye 429 – Interview with Chicago Icon David Kaplan

Chicago Legend David Kaplan makes his first appearance on the Chicago Bullseye. See Red Fred asks Kap for his reasons regarding the rampant negativity within the Bulls fan base. He also shares his story about the Scottie Pippen – Shawn Kemp trade of 1994, that David Kaplan imploded with his reporting. This “Pippen trade that didn’t happen” is the most underrated and under-reported story in Chicago Sports History. Kap’s actions had a massive impact on Bulls History. Email the Show: [email protected] Follow See Red Fred on Twitter: @cbefred

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Chicago Bullseye 428 – Lottery Thoughts

See Red Fred provides his post-lottery thoughts and hope for moving forward. In Part 2, See Red Fred interview Paul Conner @paulconner of Bulls Twitter, and they discuss a wide variety of Bulls topics. This is the first segment of “Fixtures of Bulls Twitter”, where SRF interviews shining lights of Bulls Twitter. Email the show: [email protected] Twitter: @cbefred Paul’s Twitter: @paulconner33

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Chicago Bullseye 427 – Top Draft Prospect Review Part 2 with Keith Frantz

Keith Frantz @BullScripted joins the Chicago Bullseye to make the case for Darius Garland. See Red Fred (@cbefred) interviews. 1:00 Darius Garland 5:40 Ja and LaVine 10:20 Coby White 16:08 Kris Dunn Island Follow See Red Fred on Twitter: @cbefred

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