Chicago Bullseye 456 – Interview with the Amazing Gustavo of Bulls Twitter

In a new segment of the Chicago Bullseye, See Red Fred interviews the Amazing Gustavo, one of the many stars on Bulls Twitter.

Gustavo’s Start 1:25
Coby White 2:52
Extending Zach? 5:00
Lauri 6:00
Least and Favorite Bulls Player 7:00
Lonzo Ball 8:30
Coby for Ball? 9:20
Lauri for Ball? 9:45
Trading Thad or the Keep for the Playoffs? 11:23
Expectation met? 14:00
Shining Lights of Bulls Twitter 15:30
Denzel 17:00
Doug or MarkK? 24:00
Who bothers you on Bulls Twitter? 26:00