Chicago Bullseye 414 – Arguments Galore

This interview was recorded shortly after the Tuesday loss to the Nets. See Red Fred moderates a contentious conversation with Buzz @SMBuzzWeed & Keith Frantz @BullScripted on all things Beloved Bulls.

1:02 The Weather Is Awful
1:52 The Loss vs. the Nets & Jabari Parker
6:27 Negative Ramifications of the Handling of Parker
11:11 Who is taking Stan Van Gundy seriously?
13:00 Were the Bulls Trying to Tank Before the Holiday Trade?
22:00 Will Portis or Parker be traded?
27:00 The Math Doesn’t Add up for Boston
33:00 Front Office Competence Argument
43:10 Lonzo or Dunn
49:02 Who is the most talented Young Laker?
50:20 Potential Anthony Davis Trade
1:01 SoxFest

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