Chicago Bullseye 304 – Interview w/ Analytics Coordinator Grant Goodstein from the University of Michigan Men’s Basketball Team

Analytics Coordinator for the University of Michigan Grant Goodstein joins the Bullseye to discuss Basketball Analytics & a variety of other topics.  We also discuss:

2:30 Grant’s role for the University of Michigan as Analytics Coordinator
4:00 What are Basketball Analytics?
8:22 Common Analytical Basketball Terms
11:20: The Sloan Conference
13:13 What Analytics coordinate to NBA Success
15:00 Putting Numbers into Action for the Michigan Team
20:00 Best Big 10 Numbers
22:10 Best NBA Prospects According to Grant
31:48 Bulls Discussion & Analytical Breakdown
37:00 Difficulties of Utilizing Analytics to Measure Analytics

Michigan Basketball Head Student Manager / Michigan Analytics Coordinator Grant Goodstein
Twitter: @grantgoodstein