Month: January 2021

Chicago Bullseye 455 – Interview with Kevin Bulldog Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago

Chicago Bullseye 455 – Interview with Kevin Bulldog Anderson
See Red Fred interviews Kevin Bulldog Anderson about the Beloved Bulls. They discuss Zach LaVine, Coby White, and the future of Lauri Markkanen with the team.

00:16 The Fulfillment of Fred’s Prophecies
1:41 Why Doesn’t the Fanbase Love Zach LaVine
7:40 Should the Bulls Trade Zach or Give him a Max
10:00 Zach and Dallas
12:17 In Defense of Coby White
20:30 What do we do with Lauri?
26:45 Do we trade the Vets?

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Chicago Bullseye 454 – An Interview with Legendary Sportscaster Mark Schanowski

See Red Fred interviews legendary sportscaster Mark Schanowski. They discuss a variety of topics about his history covering the team and the current iteration of the Red Leviathan.

This episode is sponsored by IDIQ:

1:00 The Mark Schanowski 411
3:30 Kareem leaves Milwaukee & Superstars Departing
13:42 Experiences Covering the Team
15:30 Will the Bulls Make the Playoffs?
17:30 Should the Bulls Keep the Vets and Make a Playoff Run?
19:00 Would you trade LaVine?
21:00 If Lauri get 20 million per year, do you match?
24:45 Coby White
25:75 Patrick Williams

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