Month: August 2020

The Big Red Bus #28 – Back on the Bus

See Red Fred and the Podfather Doug Thonus take the Big Red Bus out for a ride to discuss a variety of Bulls topics:

Ranking the Bulls Head Coaching Candidates: Nate McMillan, Ime Udoka, Adrian Griffin, Kenny Atkinson, Mark Jackson and others are discussed. 1:00

Would you trade LaVine, one of the other core 4, and the pick for Ben Simmons? 14:00

Who would you prefer to send to the Sixers in addition to Zach to complete the trade? 16:00

If you were the Sixers, which player would you prefer to trade to the Bulls, Embiid or Simmons?

For the next 2 seasons, which player would you prefer to have: LeBron, Kawhi, Luka, or Giannis? 24:00

Early Draft Talk 29:00

Obi Toppin 32:00

Age is a Factor 38:00

Chicago Bullseye 452 – Draft Talk with Rob Schaefer of NBC Sports Chicago

See Red Fred interviews NBC Sports Chicago’s Rob Schaefer on a variety of topics, highlighted with his top 4 prospects in the upcoming NBA 2020 draft.

Rob 411 (1:00}
Bulls 2017 > Celtics 2017 (4:00)
Defending Thibs (6:30)
The Knicks Future (12:00)
Would you make the Butler Trade Again? (14:30)
Rob’s Top 2020 Draft Prospects (23:00}

Chicago Bullseye 451 – The Silvy Interview

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews Chicago legend Silvy @waddleandsilvy (aka Marc Silverman), ½ of the ESPN 1000 iconic duo “Waddle & Silvy”. A variety of Bulls-centric topics are discussed in this interview guaranteed to please young and old alike.

1:00 What advice would you give to the youngsters listening in order to achieve broadcasting domination?
2:22 What are the memories that come to mind first when you sit back and recollect about your years covering the Bulls?
4:50 What member of the Bulls did you enjoy covering the most? The least? Silvy relates the story of his big break at WGN with the MJ Interview.
9:00 Were you as irritated about the fall-out after the last Dance against Michael as I was?
10:42 Noah-Rose-Taj-Butler…from 2007-2011, Does this represent the greatest GM run in the history of Chicago sports?
16:25 Rapid Fire Questions
• Would the Bulls have beat the Celtics in 2017 if Rondo didn’t get hurt?
• Knowing what you know now, would you still make the Butler trade?
• If Boylen is still head coach of the Bulls you will _____.
22:53 Silvy Strong

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