Month: June 2018

The Big Red Bus #14 – The Draft Review

See Red Fred @cbefred and the great one Doug Thonus @Doug_Thonus review the draft, the trades, and the “Promise” Controversy.

Review of the Draft Party at the Thonus Manor * Wendell Carter Jr’s Ceiling * The Unique Aspects of the Bulls Roster * The Promise Controversy * Character vs. Talent * The Hawks – Dallas Trade * Sixers – Suns Trade

Bulls Beat #390 – Carter Jr and Hutchison it is

It wasn’t shocking, but it was good.  The Chicago Bulls did an excellent job in the 2018 draft bringing in two strong pieces for the future.

Chicago Bullseye 393 – Twas the Night Before the Draft

Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher and @BullScripted Keith Frantz join the Bullseye to discuss the draft rumors and provide their top 7.   See Red Fred moderates.

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The Chicago Bullseye



Chicago Bullseye 392 – Part 2 Kevin “Bulldog” Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago and @BullScripted

Bulls Beat #389 – How should the Bulls use that cap?

I discuss how the Bulls should use their cap space this summer, some possible trade ups based on rumors on the internet, and the hot stories around the Chicago Bulls this past week.

The Big Red Bus #13 – LBJ’s Future & Bulls Free Agent Discussions

See Red Fred @cbefred & Podcasting Legend @Doug_Thonus discuss a wide variety of topics as they take the Big Red Bus out for another ride:

The Warriors Sweep / LeBron’s Future / The Bulls Potential Free Poll / Kentavious Caldwell-Pope/ Playoffs Next Year w/ A Solid Free Agent for One Season / A Potential Trade w/ Denver / Zach LaVine’s Potential Deal / The Bamba Love on Youtube / The Bryan Colangelo

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Bulls Beat #388 – LeBron vs Jordan, promises, and missed Eurocamp

In the wake of this finals, I discuss the Warriors greatness, LeBron vs Jordan, the Bulls skipping Eurocamp, and some minor draft talk.

Chicago Bullseye 391 – Kevin “Bulldog” Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago Part 1

The Indomitable Kevin “Bulldog” Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago joins the Bullseye for a wide-ranging interview on the NBA and the Beloved Bulls.

Kendall Gill’s Fountain of Youth / The 411 on Bulldog Kevin Anderson / The Bulls Front Office / Draymond Green /  The Myth of Thibs’ Player Development / Does Thibs Regret the Trade? / The T-Wolves Future / Mo Bamba’s Bust Potential / Mikal Bridges /

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The Chicago Bullseye

Chicago Bullseye 390 – The Bulls Draft Debate Continues

See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @BullScripted begin the show with a discussion of the first 2 games of the Finals, and Lebron’s future destination.  Fred describes the gravity of Korver, and how he can positively impact a game by just standing on the floor.  Keith waxes poetic about Bamba’s sprinting.   Fred-Keith discuss T. Young vs Sexton.

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The Chicago Bullseye


Chicago Bullseye 389 – Game 1 of the Finals and More Prospect Analysis

See Red Fred @cbefred is joined by Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher and NBA Analytics Expert Grant Goodstein @grantgoodstein. They break down game 1 of the Finals.  Grant also provides his comments on some of the likely Bulls draft picks, including Mo Bamba and Michael Porter Jr.

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The Chicago Bullseye