Month: March 2018

Chicago Bullseye 379 – Bulls Draft Position Analysis & LaVine’s Future

See Red Fred @cbefred & Keith Frantz @BullScripted discuss the improving chances for a better draft position, the NCAA Tournament and the prospects still playing, & Zach Lavine’s Future.  How much would you sign him for?

Recorded on Sunday 3.25.18.  Email the show:  [email protected]

BullsHQ Ep. 28: Is It Over Yet?

This week on BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops)discusses the never-ending feeling of this season, made even longer given the Bulls’ tanktastic lineups to close 2017-18.

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The Big Red Bus #8 – Ramblin’ Around The LaVine Options

See Red Fred @cbefred & Bulls Podcasting Legend @doug_thonus discuss the Bulls tie-in to the Loyola Ramblers, Cam Payne, and how much should the Bulls should pay to sign David Nwaba.  Doug provides an extensive overview of the only teams that could potentially offer a max deal for LaVine, and the show ends with an extensive conversation on how much the Bulls should offer Zach LaVine.

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Bulls Beat #384 – Race for 6th

The Bulls are still in the running for 6th or better in the draft.  I discuss how they can get there.   I also discuss the perils of bidding early in free agency given the lack of money available and hope they wait to make offers to LaVine and Nwaba.

Bulls Beat #383 – Picks, Injuries, and Off season moves

I give the Bulls pick update as well as discuss the recent Bulls injuries and whether or not we are watching fool’s gold play out in front of us or whether these guys have legitimate value in the league.

Chicago Bullseye 378 – The NBA Meddles with the Tank

See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @BullScripted discuss the NBA meddling with the inner workings of the tank.   Recorded on Sunday after the win in Atlanta.


The Big Red Bus #7 – Our First Passenger!

See Red Fred @cbefred and Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus welcome their first passenger on the Big Red Bus, Australia’s Mark Karantzoulis @mkhoops, for a lively discussion on the dying Tank.   They also debate about how good this team can be, and a variety of other topics, before Doug and Mark jump off the moving bus at 35 mph.

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BullsHQ Ep. 27: The Tank Is Dead

This week on BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) is joined by Fred Pfeiffer (@cbefred) from the Chicago Bullseye and Big Red Bus podcasts, to talk all the latest news surrounding the Chicago Bulls.

Topics discussed include: The Bulls being warned by the NBA for resting Robin Lopez and Justin Holiday, if the tank is truly dead, the development and cohesion of Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen, how Markkanen projects long-term, and why Fred thinks Markkanen can be a top 10 player in the league.

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Bulls Beat #382 – Bulls warned

The NBA shows it cares more about perception than reality with warning of the Bulls for tanking.  I discuss this, free agency, and the current Bulls draft pick status on this edition of the Bulls Beat.

The Big Red Bus #6 – The Big Red Flu

See Red Fred @cbefred & Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss the ongoing tank, and the disturbing trend of the Big 3 performing below expectations together.

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BullsHQ Ep. 26: Is It June Yet?

This week on BullsHQ, host Mark Karantzoulis (@mkhoops) takes you through the latest games and news surrounding the Chicago Bulls.

Topics discussed include: Lineup changes and Bobby Portis’ promotion into the starting unit, the cohesion of Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn, reports of Portis and the Bulls planning to discuss a contract extension, plus all the latest in the race to the bottom of the standings.

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Bulls Beat #381 – Tanking is overrated

I discuss why even though it would be great to have a better pick, it’s even better that the Bulls simply have more talent.  Rate the front office and discuss the wildly under appreciated Bobby Portis.