The Big Red Bus

The Big Red Bus #18 – BullsHQ Mark Rides the Bus Again

Bulls Podcasting Legends See Red Fred @cbefred and Doug Thonus @doug_thonus take the Big Red Bus out for a ride with BullsHQ Founder and Australian minor-celebrity Mark Karantzoulis @mkhoops.  Recorded on Sunday, September 16th, before all the See Red Fred prophet status and predictions were realized about Thibs and Butler.  Many topics are broached on the bus, including:

  1. Is the point of the upcoming season in developing all of the players/assets, or winning as many games as possible (i.e. cutting back on Jabari or Lavine’s minutes if they are losing ballgames)? Are those two things mutually exclusive? – @danoconnell
  2. It’s been a awhile since a team has won a title w/ their 2 best players at the 4 & 5 (Duncan-Robinson Spurs). Can the Bulls win a title if Lauri-WCJ become their 2 best players?
  3. Do you agree that this season it’s most important that we develop our players to the level we make the play off so that we have tangible assets we can either trade for AD at the end of the year or show him we have a young core he can join as a free agent and compete for a title?
  4. Does adding Klay Thompson to the 2019-20 Bulls a Title Contender? Kawhi Leonard?
  5. Do you have concerns that the Bulls are the Suns of 2013-14?
  6. What team is likely to beat out the Bulls for the #7 seed….the Pistons, Heat, Hornets, or Cavs?
  7. What will Thibs do about the impending disaster in Minn? What should Thibs do?
  8. Official Win Total Predictions

The Big Red Bus #17 – Under Pressure

See Red Fred @cbefred & the Great Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss a variety of topics as we approach training camp:

What Bull will have the Most Pressure?

What move has the biggest risk:

  • Drafting Dennis Smith Jr.?
  • Signing Parker?
  • Signing Zach LaVine

What should the Bulls have done in the summer of 2016?

Who are the Top 10 NBA Players in the NBA?

How many wins will it take for Fred to keep his job?



The Big Red Bus #15 – The Zach LaVine Contract & the Wendell Carter Jr Show

See Red Fred @cbefred & Doug Thonus @doug_thonus take the Big Red Bus out for a wide-ranging discussion.  Topics include:

The Zach LaVine Contract * LaVine Recruiting * Bulls Cap Situation Going Forward * The Expiring Robin Lopez Contract * The Bulls Free Agent History * The Bulls Inaction in Free Agency * The 2011-12 Team Title Chances * Boogie Cousins * Wendell Carter Jr. & Chandler Hutchison * Doug Makes a Jerian Grant / Kirk Hinrich Comparison

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The Big Red Bus #14 – The Draft Review

See Red Fred @cbefred and the great one Doug Thonus @Doug_Thonus review the draft, the trades, and the “Promise” Controversy.

Review of the Draft Party at the Thonus Manor * Wendell Carter Jr’s Ceiling * The Unique Aspects of the Bulls Roster * The Promise Controversy * Character vs. Talent * The Hawks – Dallas Trade * Sixers – Suns Trade

The Big Red Bus #12 – Draft Talk and Lauri’s Accomplishment

See Red Fred @cbefred and Bulls Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss Bulls potential draft picks at 7, trading with the Clippers, Lauri’s First Team All-Rookie Achievement, and the NBA Playoffs.  Recorded Sunday before the Celtics-Cavs game.

The Big Red Bus #11 – The Draft Talk Begins

See Red Fred @cbefred and Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @Doug_Thonus begin their analysis of the upcoming NBA draft.  They also talk playoffs.

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The Big Red Bus #10 – Trade for Kawhi or Keep the Pick?

See Red Fred @cbefred and Podcasting legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus start off the show answering the big question:  If the Bulls win the lottery, would you trade that pick for Kawhi Leonard?

The Big Red Bus #9 – Running on an Empty Tank

See Red Fred @cbefred & Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss a variety of topics on the Beloved Bulls:

  • All possible options on the Tank
  • West Playoff Picture
  • What Should Have the Bulls Done Differently
  • Portis Contract
  • The 2 Bulls Who Disappointed & the Top 2 Bulls Who Positively Surprised

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The Big Red Bus #8 – Ramblin’ Around The LaVine Options

See Red Fred @cbefred & Bulls Podcasting Legend @doug_thonus discuss the Bulls tie-in to the Loyola Ramblers, Cam Payne, and how much should the Bulls should pay to sign David Nwaba.  Doug provides an extensive overview of the only teams that could potentially offer a max deal for LaVine, and the show ends with an extensive conversation on how much the Bulls should offer Zach LaVine.

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The Big Red Bus #7 – Our First Passenger!

See Red Fred @cbefred and Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus welcome their first passenger on the Big Red Bus, Australia’s Mark Karantzoulis @mkhoops, for a lively discussion on the dying Tank.   They also debate about how good this team can be, and a variety of other topics, before Doug and Mark jump off the moving bus at 35 mph.

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The Big Red Bus #6 – The Big Red Flu

See Red Fred @cbefred & Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss the ongoing tank, and the disturbing trend of the Big 3 performing below expectations together.

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Big Red Bus #5 – The Big Red Mailbag

See Red Fred @cbefred & the Great One Doug Thonus @Doug_Thonus open up their Big Red Mailbag of Listener Questions.  Doug also breaks down the Bulls cap situation for the next 2 years, and they briefly discuss the incredible performance of Lauri Markkanen in the skills competition.

Big Red Bus #3 – Niko is Gone But Hope Lives On

The Great Doug Thonus @doug_thonus & See Red Fred @cbefred discuss the Niko Mirotic trade & the Beloved Bulls, the Blake Griffin Trade, and the disastrous state of the Cavs.

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