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Chicago Bullseye 401 – Jars of Klay Filled with Baskets

See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @bullscripted search through the wreckage of Monday’s loss to the Warriors.

The measure of a man is determined by his actions in times of trouble. Well, these are times of trouble.

1. We’re missing our best player (Lauri)
2. Our best defender (Green)
3. Our best 3-point shooter (Valentine)
4. Our 6th Man (Portis)

If Golden State was missing 4 of their top 7, they wouldn’t be playing well either.

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Chicago Bullseye 400 – Interview w/ The Venerable Kevin Anderson

The distinguished Kevin Anderson joins the Bullseye to discuss the dilapidated state of the Beloved Bulls. This episode was recorded shortly after the news of the Portis injury.
1:00 The Chosen One Part 1: Ricky O’Donnell @SBN_Ricky
3:15 The Chosen One Part 2: Zach LaVine @ZachLaVine
7:11 Who Won the Butler Trade?
11:40 Are the Bulls a Playoff Caliber Team in 4-6 weeks?
18:30 The Hutchison & Carter Jr. Future
21:30 Jabari Parker
26:00 Cap Breakdown
33:20 The Answer at the Three
35:15 Tolerating Payne
37:26 What order do you recommend viewing the Star Wars Films?
45:00 The Last Jedi Debate
54:43 Bulls Outsiders
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Chicago Bullseye 399 – The Ricky O’Donnell Interview

See Red Fred interviews the See Red Friedrich Nietzsche of Bulls Twitter, Ricky O’Donnell @SBN_Ricky.

Topics Include:
The Ricky O’Donnell Bulls History / The Dunn Injury / Chandler Hutchison / Trading Niko / The Jabari Parker Experiment / The Butler Trade / The 2019 Prospects

Sitting on a Parker Bench

Sitting on a Parker Bench by See Red Fred @cbefred

The Fred Hoiberg decision to bench Jabari Parker for Bobby Portis was declared a victory after one preseason game. The Bulls dominated Indiana, primarily due to Holiday actually showing a pulse, although WCJ’s start brought a massive upgrade to the Center position, and Portis played well. The Denver game was not dissected to the same degree, probably because it countered the Bulls Twitter narrative of Fred’s brilliant decision. Denver dominated our starters (only WCJ posted a positive +-), Portis was consistently exposed by Milsap, and Bobby produced a team low plus minus of -19 in 18 minutes.

I’ve noticed a strange tendency for Bulls fans to overanalyze and overemphasize the preseason since Thibs won several preseason titles. I’ve never been a fan of Niko Mirotic, but I felt obliged to defend him a few years ago after he was savagely criticized for an atrocious preseason. Using cutting edge techniques in common sense, I adroitly defended Niko by pointing out it was preseason. Coaches experiment with lineups & roles that take time to learn. That process is exceptionally difficult for new players to a team (Parker) and rookies (Hutchison). And so it has been with Parker. Bulls Twitter has been exceptionally harsh on Jabari considering he played well in 2 of the 5 preseason games. (He led the team in +- in the first and last preseason games and he put up some fine all-around numbers in Game 1) )

It’s human nature to desire affirmation of one’s opinions, and Jabari‘s poor play in 3 preseason games provided a fascinating display of human nature, with multiple assertions that the signing of a proven 23-year old scorer with uber-offensive skills was uber-foolish. Critics found red meat to justify their original objections to the signing. I’m less guilty of that sin but nonetheless guilty (I have occasionally overestimated the ceiling for Valentine, although the jury is still out). So let us analyze the situation with some facts:

1. Jabari was benched after three unusually bad shooting games. (5-14 vs NOP, 1-12 vs MIL & 3-11 vs CHA) In 4 seasons, Parker has posted FG percentages of 49, 49.3, 49, 48.2. He has been remarkably consistent with his shot. I believe his poor shooting was the primary impetus for sending him to the bench, although the strong play of Portis clearly was a factor. Regardless, Hoiberg employed the same tactic with Niko in the 2016-17 season and Zipsuck last year, but both had a much larger sample size. It was a move of panic and desperation due to the discouraging nature of the losses (the Bulls were thoroughly dominated by MIL and CHA), when I felt the wretched play of Holiday and Lopez was the far greater problem. Regardless, Parker’s solid performance vs Denver (game high 19 points in 31 min and a team high +13) is being used as proof that Fred’s decision was correct when in fact, it was just Jabari’s progression to the mean.
2. Although neither player will ever achieve greatness on the defensive end, Parker is the superior defender at the 4 to Portis. Despite the 2 ACL injuries, Jabari maintains a considerable advantage in athletic ability. I love Portis on the offensive end, but he’s always been an awful defender. I saw more solid defense in one playoff series (2018 Mil-Celtics) from Parker than I did from Portis in his entire career. Even my nemesis and rabid Parker Hater @mkhoops was forced to acknowledge solid Parker defense at the PF position: Lost in the joy of Fred’s decision was the awful defense from Portis in the Denver game, reflected in his team low +- of -19. I actually feel Parker is slightly above average defensively at the 4, & most of his defensive problems occur against specific small forward matchups. I’ll address this in a future article.
3. Parker is the superior 3 point shooter. In 3 seasons, Portis has never hit the 36.5% and 38.3% percentages Parker posted in his last 2 seasons. This skill is imperative for the Bulls to succeed. Portis has looked best in the post this preseason. It’s a great skill for the second unit, but for LaVine and Dunn to be at their best (attacking the hoop), we need the opponent’s 4 pulled away from the rim. Jabari’s presence will accomplish this, but Portis won’t. As an aside, Bobby shot a disappointing 5-19 from 3 in the preseason (26%).
4. Parker is a far better passer than Portis. In 5 preseason games, Portis delivered 4 assists. Jabari had 4 assists in the Denver game alone, 13 overall in the preseason. Passing is the most underrated part of Parker’s game. In a starting lineup w/ LaVine as the primary scorer and Holiday as the primary chucker, why would you prefer to add a “shoot first” player like Portis with no ability to facilitate?
5. Portis has already embraced the role of 6th Man. “I like the (sixth-man) role,” Portis said. “I get to come off the bench and score a lot. Who doesn’t like to score the ball? That’s a fun gig. Coach has trust in me to shoot the shots I want to shoot. It’s a fun gig to have.” From the Mike McGraw article referenced above. Parker clearly prefers to start. Fred has created a controversy this team didn’t need. I was 100% in favor of starting WCJ over Lopez. Lopez was a trainwreck all preseason, providing little benefit on either end of the court, despite being intimately familiar with the offense and most of his teammates. Expecting Parker to be comfortable w/ a new set of teammates and a new offense is absurd.

I met John Paxson before Friday’s Denver game, and asked him “What it your decision to bench Jabari or Fred’s decision?” He said without hesitation, that it was Fred’s, and that he supported it. He did feel Parker was trying to do too much, and that he would play better. I agree with his latter points, but I disagree with the benching. For the optimal performance of this team, Portis is suited as the scoring force with the 2nd unit. I know Parker is talented enough to succeed in any role. For the good of team, I hope Fred rectifies this decision soon, but I have no faith that he will.

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The Big Red Bus #18 – BullsHQ Mark Rides the Bus Again

Bulls Podcasting Legends See Red Fred @cbefred and Doug Thonus @doug_thonus take the Big Red Bus out for a ride with BullsHQ Founder and Australian minor-celebrity Mark Karantzoulis @mkhoops.  Recorded on Sunday, September 16th, before all the See Red Fred prophet status and predictions were realized about Thibs and Butler.  Many topics are broached on the bus, including:

  1. Is the point of the upcoming season in developing all of the players/assets, or winning as many games as possible (i.e. cutting back on Jabari or Lavine’s minutes if they are losing ballgames)? Are those two things mutually exclusive? – @danoconnell
  2. It’s been a awhile since a team has won a title w/ their 2 best players at the 4 & 5 (Duncan-Robinson Spurs). Can the Bulls win a title if Lauri-WCJ become their 2 best players?
  3. Do you agree that this season it’s most important that we develop our players to the level we make the play off so that we have tangible assets we can either trade for AD at the end of the year or show him we have a young core he can join as a free agent and compete for a title?
  4. Does adding Klay Thompson to the 2019-20 Bulls a Title Contender? Kawhi Leonard?
  5. Do you have concerns that the Bulls are the Suns of 2013-14?
  6. What team is likely to beat out the Bulls for the #7 seed….the Pistons, Heat, Hornets, or Cavs?
  7. What will Thibs do about the impending disaster in Minn? What should Thibs do?
  8. Official Win Total Predictions

The Big Red Bus #17 – Under Pressure

See Red Fred @cbefred & the Great Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss a variety of topics as we approach training camp:

What Bull will have the Most Pressure?

What move has the biggest risk:

  • Drafting Dennis Smith Jr.?
  • Signing Parker?
  • Signing Zach LaVine

What should the Bulls have done in the summer of 2016?

Who are the Top 10 NBA Players in the NBA?

How many wins will it take for Fred to keep his job?



Chicago Bullseye 397 Part 2 – What Bull Will Have The Most Pressure?

See Red Fred @cbefred and Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher answer the question,  “What Bull will have the Most Pressure?”

Bulls Over-Under Win Total / Tim’s 1-8 Eastern Conference Teams / Are 40 Wins Realistic? / NBA Over-Unders / NBA Legends who Have Passed Away this Summer

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The Chicago Bullseye

Chicago Bullseye 397 Part 1 – Post-Locked On Bulls Questions

See Red Fred @cbefred answers email-twitter questions regarding his visit w/ the Locked On Bulls podcast.  Keith Frantz @BullScripted provides his commentary and insight to most of the queries.   Some questions include:

  • Is SRF guilty of overrating Bulls players?
  • Can the Bulls win 40?
  • What are your issues with Advanced Analytics?
  • Do you feel less-more teams will be tanking?
  • Please explain the 2012 Rose minutes issue that Matt Peck did not want to discuss?

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Chicago Bullseye 396 – Interview w/ Darnell Mayberry of the Athletic

Chicago Bullseye 396 –  Interview w/ Darnell Mayberry of the Athletic

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews legendary Athletic Bulls Beat writer Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry.   He provides details on path to covering sports & the Beloved Bulls.  He discusses his time covering the Thunder, his current job covering the Bulls, and the differences between both organizations.   We also discuss the “cloud of pessimism” in our fan base, and the reasons behind it.  The Parker Trade is also explored in detail. Darnell also gives his favorite and least favorite athletes to cover.

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Chicago Bullseye 394 – The Jabari Parker Debate

See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @bullscripted debate the pros and cons of the Jabari Parker signing.

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The Chicago Bullseye

The Big Red Bus #14 – The Draft Review

See Red Fred @cbefred and the great one Doug Thonus @Doug_Thonus review the draft, the trades, and the “Promise” Controversy.

Review of the Draft Party at the Thonus Manor * Wendell Carter Jr’s Ceiling * The Unique Aspects of the Bulls Roster * The Promise Controversy * Character vs. Talent * The Hawks – Dallas Trade * Sixers – Suns Trade

Chicago Bullseye 393 – Twas the Night Before the Draft

Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher and @BullScripted Keith Frantz join the Bullseye to discuss the draft rumors and provide their top 7.   See Red Fred moderates.

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The Chicago Bullseye



The Big Red Bus #12 – Draft Talk and Lauri’s Accomplishment

See Red Fred @cbefred and Bulls Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss Bulls potential draft picks at 7, trading with the Clippers, Lauri’s First Team All-Rookie Achievement, and the NBA Playoffs.  Recorded Sunday before the Celtics-Cavs game.

Chicago Bullseye 388 – More Bamba with Mark Karantzoulis of BullsHQ

The legendary Mark Karantzoulis of BullsHQ joins the Chicago Bullseye for a friendly debate with See Red Fred @cbefred.  The Bulls likely draft prospects at #7 are discussed, along with a more in-depth analysis of Mo Bamba.

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The Chicago Bullseye

Chicago Bullseye 387 – Mo Bamba or No Bamba…That is the Question

See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @BullScripted continue their draft prep discussions.

Topics Include:

Twitter Beef with @mlkhoops & the continued Jordan Bell Debate / Stay at 7 / Mo Bamba or No Bamba…that is the question / The Case for Wendell Carter / Trade Bobby Portis?

Chicago Bullseye 386 – Know Mo Bamba

See Red Fred @cbefred & Keith Frantz @bullscripted discuss the late prospects that may be available to Bulls with their 2nd pick in round 1.   They also continue the debate regarding Mo Bamba.

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The Big Red Bus #10 – Trade for Kawhi or Keep the Pick?

See Red Fred @cbefred and Podcasting legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus start off the show answering the big question:  If the Bulls win the lottery, would you trade that pick for Kawhi Leonard?

Chicago Bullseye 383 – Bulls Horns Up or Bulls Horns Down

See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @BullScripted run through the roster and rank each Bull positively or negatively, Bulls Horns Up or Bulls Horns Down.  They also debate whether or not the Bulls should explore a trade for Kawhi.

The Chicago Bullseye

The Big Red Bus #9 – Running on an Empty Tank

See Red Fred @cbefred & Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss a variety of topics on the Beloved Bulls:

  • All possible options on the Tank
  • West Playoff Picture
  • What Should Have the Bulls Done Differently
  • Portis Contract
  • The 2 Bulls Who Disappointed & the Top 2 Bulls Who Positively Surprised

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The Big Red Bus #8 – Ramblin’ Around The LaVine Options

See Red Fred @cbefred & Bulls Podcasting Legend @doug_thonus discuss the Bulls tie-in to the Loyola Ramblers, Cam Payne, and how much should the Bulls should pay to sign David Nwaba.  Doug provides an extensive overview of the only teams that could potentially offer a max deal for LaVine, and the show ends with an extensive conversation on how much the Bulls should offer Zach LaVine.

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The Big Red Bus #7 – Our First Passenger!

See Red Fred @cbefred and Podcasting Legend Doug Thonus @doug_thonus welcome their first passenger on the Big Red Bus, Australia’s Mark Karantzoulis @mkhoops, for a lively discussion on the dying Tank.   They also debate about how good this team can be, and a variety of other topics, before Doug and Mark jump off the moving bus at 35 mph.

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Big Red Bus #3 – Niko is Gone But Hope Lives On

The Great Doug Thonus @doug_thonus & See Red Fred @cbefred discuss the Niko Mirotic trade & the Beloved Bulls, the Blake Griffin Trade, and the disastrous state of the Cavs.

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Chicago Bullseye 374 – Bye Bye Mr. Montenegrin Pie

The Original Bullseye Boys (See Red Fred & Mark) are back to discuss the trade of Niko Mirotic.   They discuss the Pelicans playoff-lottery chances and the career of Niko in a Bulls uniform.  At the end of the podcast, the Clippers-Pistons trade of Blake Griffin

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The Chicago Bullseye


Chicago Bullseye 373 – Tanks for the Memories!

The Tank is Back!  In part 1 of the episode, Keith Frantz @BullScripted joins the show to discuss the current state of the Beloved Bulls, and the downward turn giving hope to tankers everywhere.  In Part 2, Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher joins the Bullseye to discuss the Cousins Injury, the declining Cavs, and the All-Star Game Rosters.

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Chicago Bullseye 364 – Interview with Keith Frantz @BullScripted

Keith Frantz of joins the Chicago Bullseye to discuss the OT victory of the Hornets on Friday night & the return of Niko.   Keith also provides his latest scouting report on the top draft picks in 2018.

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Chicago Bullseye 363 – Interview with Paul Steeno of Blog a Bull

Paul Steeno of joins the Bullseye to share with listeners his Bulls fan history, his “Go Forward” List, the Niko-Bobby drama, the Butler trade, Coach Hoiberg, firing GarPax, and next  year’s draft class.

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Chicago Bullseye 359 – Trading Lopez and Other Bulls Topics

Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher joins the Bullseye to discuss trading Robin Lopez in order to guarantee a full tank.  The early disappointing performances of Zipser, Felicio, and Grant are also discussed.  The show ends with a chat on the biggest NBA surprises, and the struggles of Lonzo Ball.  See Red Fred hosts.

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The Chicago Bullseye