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Hosted ByFred Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal

Two of the greatest Chicago Bulls fans in history, Fred Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal, have joined forces to bestow upon you their enlightened commentary and insights. The Chicago Bullseye, established in 2007, is one of the longest running Chicago podcasts on the web. We discuss all-things Bulls, Chicago, movies, & music.

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Chicago Bullseye 405 – Interview with Marcus Couch Host Marcus Couch joins the Bullseye to chat with See Red Fred on a variety of topics: Current State of the Team / Ryan Arcidiacono Debate / Dunn Debate / Blakeney Debate / Portis Contract Dollars / Trade or Release or Parker / The Three Duke Kids / Follow Marcus Couch at @marcuscouch Host of @bullspodcast Home Follow See Red Fred: @cbefred Email the show:

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Chicago Bullseye 404 – Boston Massacre and NBA Talk

See Red Fred, Keith Frantz, and Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher join the Bullseye to discuss a variety of topics, including: The Boston Massacre * Zach LaVine is Struggling * To Tank or Not To Tank * Will Coach Fred Be Let Go? * Wendell Carter Jr. Steps Up as a Player & Leader * The Jimmy Butler Trade * The Failure on the Process * To Fultz or not to Fultz * The Golden State Durant-Green Drama * Why Not Chicago for Durant? * Email the show: Follow See Red Fred: @cbefred

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Chicago Bullseye 403 – Knicked Up!

Bulls Podcasting Legends See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @BullScripted discuss the Bulls win in New York against the Knicks. Many topics are broached, including: • Zach Lavine • Next season, will the Bulls be better than…. • Wendell Carter Jr. • Big debate on Valentine vs. Holiday • Is Parker the Worst Player on the Team? • Is Holiday Tradeable? Email the Show:

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Chicago Bullseye 402 – Buzzing About the Denver Game

See Red Fred @cbefred and special guest @SMBuzzWeed discuss: Improvements in the Denver Game Wendell Carter Jr. What Happens When the Injured Come Back Derrick Rose Score 50 2 Big Pieces of News: As a celebration of our 400th & Beyond set of shows, we’re going to have a limited edition set of t-shirts available. If you are interested, please either email me at and/or Direct Message Fred on twitter at @cbefred. (Search for See Red Fred). If you decide to buy one, it will be greatly appreciated, and it will go into upgrading the show. One other bit of news, See Red Fred will be...

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Chicago Bullseye 401 – Jars of Klay Filled with Baskets

See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @bullscripted search through the wreckage of Monday’s loss to the Warriors. The measure of a man is determined by his actions in times of trouble. Well, these are times of trouble. 1. We’re missing our best player (Lauri) 2. Our best defender (Green) 3. Our best 3-point shooter (Valentine) 4. Our 6th Man (Portis) If Golden State was missing 4 of their top 7, they wouldn’t be playing well either. Email the show:

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Chicago Bullseye 400 – Interview w/ The Venerable Kevin Anderson

The distinguished Kevin Anderson joins the Bullseye to discuss the dilapidated state of the Beloved Bulls. This episode was recorded shortly after the news of the Portis injury. 1:00 The Chosen One Part 1: Ricky O’Donnell @SBN_Ricky 3:15 The Chosen One Part 2: Zach LaVine @ZachLaVine 7:11 Who Won the Butler Trade? 11:40 Are the Bulls a Playoff Caliber Team in 4-6 weeks? 18:30 The Hutchison & Carter Jr. Future 21:30 Jabari Parker 26:00 Cap Breakdown 33:20 The Answer at the Three 35:15 Tolerating Payne 36:57 STAR WARS SECTION 37:26 What order do you recommend viewing the Star Wars Films? 45:00 The Last Jedi Debate 54:43 Bulls...

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Chicago Bullseye 399 – The Ricky O’Donnell Interview

See Red Fred interviews the See Red Friedrich Nietzsche of Bulls Twitter, Ricky O’Donnell @SBN_Ricky. Topics Include: The Ricky O’Donnell Bulls History / The Dunn Injury / Chandler Hutchison / Trading Niko / The Jabari Parker Experiment / The Butler Trade / The 2019 Prospects

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CBE – Knights of the Roundball Table #1

This is the initial gathering of See Red Fred and the Knights of the Roundball Table.  The Knights present are: Keith @BullScripted Marcus Couch @marcuscouch Wyse @radical_creator Brad aka Buzz @SMBuzzWeed, part of @SMOutcasts Topics of Discussion include: 2 Best Players during the first 3 preseason games The deadline for Bulls and Bobby Portis to come to an agreement is October 15th.  If both sides fail to come to an agreement by October 15th, then Bobby will become a restricted free agent.  Should we sign Bobby Portis before October 15th? Does Bobby Portis have a legit shot at 6th Man of the Year? What 2 Bulls have...

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Chicago Bullseye 398 – Preseason Games 1 and 2 Review

See Red Fred @cbefred & Keith Frantz @bullscripted review preseason games 1 & 2. Holiday vs Valentine / Positives and Negatives of Preseason Games 1 & 2 / Should WCJ be starting? / Chandler Hutchison  Let’s assume that Parker puts up some nice numbers at the 4.  (If he stays healthy, history shows, that will happen).  Let’s also assume Lauri hits the ground running in mid-late Nov.  If Lauri-Parker can’t find cohesion in the first 6-8 weeks they are together, do you feel the Bulls will look to trade Parker?  Won’t Parker be a valuable trade piece if he puts up his career number of 15 PPG? ...

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