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Hosted ByFred Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal

Two of the greatest Chicago Bulls fans in history, Fred Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal, have joined forces to bestow upon you their enlightened commentary and insights. The Chicago Bullseye, established in 2007, is one of the longest running Chicago podcasts on the web. We discuss all-things Bulls, Chicago, movies, & music.

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Chicago Bullseye 421: Wyse_Black & Marcus Couch of Bulls Podcast

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews Wyse_Black @radical_Creator & Marcus Couch @marcuscouch of 1:39 Can the Bulls Make the Playoffs without a contributing rookie? 4:57 The Injuries 9:00 Who should we draft outside of Zion? 15:00 Would you trade next year’s #1 to move up to #2? 20:45 The Top 4 Teams in the East

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Chicago Bullseye 420 – Interview with the Mysterious RaMEANa

See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @bullscripted interview the iconic heroine of Bulls Twitter, the Mysterious RaMEANa @Ramina1690 1:05 Why so positive? 2:29 Bulls Secret Chat Line 3:31 The Mysterious Rameana 4:00 Comments after the Atlanta Loss 8:15 Pax Moves of the Rebuild 10:30 The Jabari Parker Signing 13:30 Is Dunn Done? 18:30 What is the Your Favorite Part of Bulls Twitter? 20:11 The Evil of Bulls Twitter 30:00 The Resurrection of Jim Boylen 34:10 The Future of the Beloved Bull

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Chicago Bullseye 419 – Interview with KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews the inimitable KC Johnson @kcjhoop of the Chicago Tribune. The Hemingway of Bulls Beat Writers addresses a variety of topics and questions: 1:30 I thought the handling of Parker during Boylen’s first month was catastrophic for the Bulls. Was Boylen or the Front office the impetus behind that decision? 4:30 What did more damage to the reputation of the Bulls org: The handling of Parker or Boylen’s first week (wind sprints, near mutiny, practice after the Boston loss)? 8:40 What was your reaction to the Otto Porter trade? What has impressed you the most about Otto Porter Jr? 11:45 Is Dunn done?...

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Chicago Bullseye 418 – The Prophetic Visions of See Red Fred

THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER! See Red Fred @cbefred, Mark Lewinthal @bullseyemark23, and Keith Frantz @bullscripted discuss the sudden progression towards greatness of the Budding Big Red Leviathan. 1:30 2 Biggest Reasons that the Team has been playing so well 5:00 Is Kris Dunn Done? 9:55 Bring Derrick Rose Back 12:45 The Face of the Team 14:00 What do you feel is more likely…Lauri becoming a top-10 player, or the Bulls wining the 10-14% Zion lottery, and he then will become a top-10 player? 17:50 Do we have the Eastern Conference Contender Core here already? 21:00 The Prophetic Visions of See Red Fred

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Chicago Bullseye 417 – Are you done with Dunn?

See Red Fred interviews the Great Bulldog Kevin Anderson @Kevin_NBCS of NBC Sports Chicago. The topics addressed include: 1:50 Are you done with Dunn? 7:30 Bulldog’s 1-2-3 Point Guard Free-Agent options? 17:17 The Otto Porter Jr. Trade 25:00 Bulls vs Knicks 34:00 If the Lakers Win the Lottery

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Chicago Bullseye 416 – Porter Trade & Collegiate Prospects to Watch

See Red Fred @cbefred, Keith Franz @BullScripted, and Buzz @SMBuzzWeed discuss the loss to Milwaukee, the Otto Porter Jr acquisition, the Portis-Parker departure, the best team in the East, and the best collegiate prospects.

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Chicago Bullseye Special Edition: The Bulls Dynasty of the Nineties Part 1

In this special episode of the Chicago Bullseye, See Red Fred @cbefred, Big Dave @BawlSports, C-Dub @BawlSports1, and Jack Silverstein @readjack reminisce about the Bulls first three-peat (91-93). Topics discussed: 1. Would the Bulls have won in ’94 if MJ didn’t retire, and was an 8-peat in play? 2. What was the best team of the 1st three-peat, and what was your favorite team of the 1st three-peat? 3. Has John Paxson, the Executive, sullied the reputation of John Paxson, the player? 4. Favorite team of the 1st three-peat 5. Best team of the 1st three-peat 6. Most nervous playoff series Part 2 will be up later...

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Chicago Bullseye 415 – Interview with the Athletic Founder Jon Greenberg

In this latest Chicago Bullseye, See Red Fred interviews the legendary Founding editor-in-chief/columnist of @theathleticchi Jon Greenberg @jon_greenberg. We broach a wide variety of timeless topics regarding the Beloved Bulls: 0:29 Jon Greenburg 411 & the Founding of the Athletic 3:52 The Athletic Goals 4:30 The Current State of the Beloved Bulls & Why they are so despised 10:04 The Path Forward 12:24 The 3 Biggest Issues with the Team 13:39 Fair Offer for Portis 14:18 The Free Agent Targets 16:53 Greatest Memory as a Bulls Fan 21:00 Predictions on the Future of the Front Office & Coach

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Chicago Bullseye 414 – Arguments Galore

This interview was recorded shortly after the Tuesday loss to the Nets. See Red Fred moderates a contentious conversation with Buzz @SMBuzzWeed & Keith Frantz @BullScripted on all things Beloved Bulls. 1:02 The Weather Is Awful 1:52 The Loss vs. the Nets & Jabari Parker 6:27 Negative Ramifications of the Handling of Parker 11:11 Who is taking Stan Van Gundy seriously? 13:00 Were the Bulls Trying to Tank Before the Holiday Trade? 22:00 Will Portis or Parker be traded? 27:00 The Math Doesn’t Add up for Boston 33:00 Front Office Competence Argument 43:10 Lonzo or Dunn 49:02 Who is the most talented Young Laker? 50:20 Potential Anthony...

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