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Your in-depth analysis of the Chicago Bulls with Doug Thonus. The Bulls Beat is one of the longest running podcasts in Chicago sports history.

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Bulls Beat #394 – Leaning LaVine

Zach LaVine and Bobby Portis were about the only thing that went well for the Bulls in their opener, but quite frankly, that’s ok.

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Bulls Beat #393 – Jabari vs Felicio dump

The Bulls have signed Jabari Parker to a 2 year deal (2nd year team option) rather than pursuing assets with their salary space.  I discuss the deal and the deals that happened leading up to it.

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Bulls Beat #392 – LaVine matched

I discuss the Kings offersheet that the Bulls have matched on Zach LaVine as well as the revised 2019 plan.

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Bulls Beat #391 – Free Agency Day 1

I discuss the first day of free agency and how it impacts the Bulls as well as laying down the plan for the Chicago Bulls for this year.

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Bulls Beat #390 – Carter Jr and Hutchison it is

It wasn’t shocking, but it was good.  The Chicago Bulls did an excellent job in the 2018 draft bringing in two strong pieces for the future.

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Bulls Beat #389 – How should the Bulls use that cap?

I discuss how the Bulls should use their cap space this summer, some possible trade ups based on rumors on the internet, and the hot stories around the Chicago Bulls this past week.

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Bulls Beat #388 – LeBron vs Jordan, promises, and missed Eurocamp

In the wake of this finals, I discuss the Warriors greatness, LeBron vs Jordan, the Bulls skipping Eurocamp, and some minor draft talk.

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Bulls Beat #387 – And then there were four

As the Bulls dropped from 6 to 7, I see four possibilities that the Bulls may draft and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each selection.

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Bulls Beat #386 – No more tanking

I discuss the Bulls draft position, why future tanking probably isn’t a meaningful strategy, the intrigue around several playoff matchups, and free agency both this season and next.

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