The Chicago Bullseye

The Chicago Bullseye, established in 2007, is one of the longest running Chicago Bulls podcasts around. Hosted by Fred "See Red Fred" Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal. This website features Chicago Bulls content that is among the best found online.

Latest Episodes:

Chicago Bullseye 421: Wyse_Black & Marcus Couch of Bulls Podcast

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews Wyse_Black @radical_Creator & Marcus Couch @marcuscouch of 1:39 Can the Bulls Make the Playoffs without a contributing rookie? 4:57 The Injuries 9:00 Who should we draft outside of Zion? 15:00 Would you trade next year’s #1 to move up to #2? 20:45 The Top 4 Teams in the East

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Chicago Bullseye 420 – Interview with the Mysterious RaMEANa

See Red Fred @cbefred and Keith Frantz @bullscripted interview the iconic heroine of Bulls Twitter, the Mysterious RaMEANa @Ramina1690 1:05 Why so positive? 2:29 Bulls Secret Chat Line 3:31 The Mysterious Rameana 4:00 Comments after the Atlanta Loss 8:15 Pax Moves of the Rebuild 10:30 The Jabari Parker Signing 13:30 Is Dunn Done? 18:30 What is the Your Favorite...

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The Big Red Bus #25 – Risking the Lottery Spot

In this latest episode of the Big Red Bus, See Red Fred @cbefred and the Podfather Doug Thonus @doug_thonus discuss the improving Bulls, the risk of losing a better lottery spot, and Doug’s reaction to Fred’s Visions. Recorded before last Friday’s Atlanta game. Email the show:

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Chicago Bullseye 419 – Interview with KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews the inimitable KC Johnson @kcjhoop of the Chicago Tribune. The Hemingway of Bulls Beat Writers addresses a variety of topics and questions: 1:30 I thought the handling of Parker during Boylen’s first month was catastrophic for the Bulls. Was Boylen or the Front office the impetus behind that decision? 4:30 What did more damage...

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Chicago Bullseye 418 – The Prophetic Visions of See Red Fred

THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER! See Red Fred @cbefred, Mark Lewinthal @bullseyemark23, and Keith Frantz @bullscripted discuss the sudden progression towards greatness of the Budding Big Red Leviathan. 1:30 2 Biggest Reasons that the Team has been playing so well 5:00 Is Kris Dunn Done? 9:55 Bring Derrick Rose Back 12:45 The Face of the Team 14:00 What do...

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Chicago Bullseye 417 – Are you done with Dunn?

See Red Fred interviews the Great Bulldog Kevin Anderson @Kevin_NBCS of NBC Sports Chicago. The topics addressed include: 1:50 Are you done with Dunn? 7:30 Bulldog’s 1-2-3 Point Guard Free-Agent options? 17:17 The Otto Porter Jr. Trade 25:00 Bulls vs Knicks 34:00 If the Lakers Win the Lottery

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