The Chicago Bullseye

The Chicago Bullseye, established in 2007, is one of the longest running Chicago Bulls podcasts around. Hosted by Fred "See Red Fred" Pfeiffer & Mark Lewinthal. This website features Chicago Bulls content that is among the best found online.

Latest Episodes:

Chicago Bullseye 440 – A Win in a Sea of Troubles

See Red Fred @cbefred and Mark Lewinthal reunite on a night that the Bulls celebrate Luol Deng. Recorded just after the Bulls 20 point victory over the hapless Pistons. Topics include: Bulls of Ole’ Bulls Problems 3:00 See Red Fred’s Counter 5:00 LaVine Critiques 6:45 Playoffs? 11:00 Lauri’s Struggles 15 Because I Said So 20:30 The Boylen Contract 21...

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Chicago Bullseye 439 – The Great Sean Highkin Talks Bulls

See Red Fred @cbefred interviews the Bleacher Report’s Master of Prose Sean Highkin @highkin. Recorded immediately after the Bulls victory over the Knicks, Sean talks Boylen, Coby White, the disappointing start, Thibs, and all things NBA. Email the show: Twitter: @cbefred

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Chicago Bullseye 438 – The Red Leviathan Hurteth

See Red Fred @cbefred and NBC Sports Chicago’s Bulldog Kevin Anderson @Kevin_NBCS discuss all that ails the Beloved Bulls after their 1-4 start. Follow See Red Fred on Twitter: @cbefred Email the show:

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Bulls Beat – Up and down season coming

I discuss the highs and lows of the Bulls first three games with a break down of the Bulls defensive and offensive highs and lows and all of the players.

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Chicago Bullseye 437 – The Red Leviathan Winneth

See Red Fred @cbefred and Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher discuss the Bulls win over Memphis in Game 2. They also provide their Finals predictions. Email the show: Follow See Red Fred on Twitter: @cbefred

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Bulls Beat – Why the Bulls failed to defend the three

I break down the Bulls defensive scheme, intentions, and rotations as to why they failed to defend the three point shot against the Charlotte Hornets on way to a season opening loss.

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