Month: September 2020

The Big Red Bus 31 – Billy Donovan is our Head Coach & the Devin Vassell Breakdown

The Big Red Bus 31 – Billy Donovan is our Coach & a Devin Vassell Breakdown

See Red Fred and the Great One Doug Thonus aka The Podfather break down the hiring of Billy Donovan.

Bradley Beal, future Bull? 15:00
The Current State of the Playoffs 22:30
Will this Title Be Tarnished? 25:45
Draft Prospect Analysis: Devin Vassell, SF, 6 ft, 7 inches, 194 lbs. 26:45
Draft Prospect Analysis: Cole Anthony, SG 6 ft 3 inches, 32:00
Would you trade for Paul George? 40:00

The Big Red Bus 30 – Isaac Okoro and The Butler Did It

The Big Red Bus #30 – See Red Fred @cbefred and the Podfather @doug_thonus take out the Big Red Bus for a lively discussion on a variety of Bulls-related topics. In this show:

Billy Donovan, Mike D and Experienced Coaches for the Bulls 1:30
Draft Prospect Analysis: Isaac Okoro, 6 ft 6 inches, 225 lbs, 19 years old from the University of Auburn (8:04)
Trading Back (12:00)
Do you like Okoro more or less than _____? (14:00)
Revisiting the Jimmy Butler Trade 19:00
Can you win a Title with Jimmy Butler as your Best Player?
Where is Jimmy Butler in relation to the rest of the League?

The Big Red Bus 29 – Will Giannis Jump on our Bus?

See Red Fred and the Podfather Doug Thonus discuss a variety of Bulls topics, most notably whether or not Giannis will jump on the Bus in 2021.

James Wiseman and the Evolution of the Center position 1:00
Tyrese Haliburton 5:00
Keep the Pick or Trade It? 12:10
Giannis on the Bulls 24:00
Coby White’s Last 10 Games
Bulls Free Agent Destination in 2021 29:00