Month: December 2018

Chicago Bullseye 409 – We are BAWLing!

Happy Holidays! Bulls Podcasting Legends from BAWL! Big Dave @BawlSports and C-Dub @BawlSports1 join the Bullseye to discuss the latest topics in an unfolding series of disasters for the Beloved Bulls. The opening of the show includes an unfortunate incident that occurred during a holiday gig with my former cover band Gigglewater. Significant similarities drawn to this disastrous Bulls season. Recorded before the Nets loss.

Gigglewater Holiday Story 1-7:47
BAWL! Interview Starts at 8 Minute Mark
Boylen Impressions 8:30
LaVine 10:45
Parker Signing & Benching 20:45
Reading Bulls Twitter Tweets & Ryan ArcIWhatever 35:10
The Path Forward & Kris Dunn 43:42
Will Boylen Be the Coach for the Opening Game 2019 51 min mark
See Red Fred has lost some Faith 58ish
Max for Middelton? 59:30
NBA Championship Predictions 1:02

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Bulls Podcast #18

We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including Post-Game Analysis of Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets, The Boylen Era is not looking great so far – We give our predictions for the rest of the season, Injury Updates – Zach out 2-4 Weeks. How will this impact the team going forward? and Jabari is on the trading block – Who else can we deal out? Come TANK with us!
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Post Game Wrap-up on the Bulls Vs Brooklyn Nets

The Chicago Bulls LOST to the Brooklyn Nets – 96 to 93. With over 25 lead changes, this was a back and forth game with a lot of heart shown by Kris Dunn and the insurgence of Shaq Harrison, who showed a ton of hustle. Wendell Carter Jr displayed a preview of his future role as a star with several blocks and monstrous dunks. At about 2 minutes left in the 4th, we could see Bobby Portis limping into the locker room. Hopefully for Bobby’s sake, this is just a turned ankle and not anything to do with his previously injured knee. The game ended with a controversial call on Kris Dunn combined with some sloppy ball handling leading to a turnover that helped the Nets pull out the win, sealed by 2 free throws from former Bull Spencer Dinwiddie.
Bulls Injury Updates:
As we alluded to before, Zach Lavine will be out for another 2-4 weeks after he sprained his ankle vs Orlando while the Bulls were in Mexico City.  With Zach Lavine out of the lineup, it’s up to the rest of the guys to step up and take charge. Luckily no one else on the club is hurt, with the exception of Denzel Valentine, who is recovering from his own ankle injury and surgery.
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It’s been a few weeks since we were able to get together to do a show, and what a few weeks it’s been! Fred Hoiberg is out and Asst. Coach Jim Boylen has assumed the reins of head coaching duty.
We all know about the drama that ensued since Boylen has assumed control and it showed a lot about this Bulls team and just how SOFT they really are. I know they are professionals, but trying to boycott practice and declare a mutiny is not a good showing in a city like Chicago that is filled with HARD WORKING people that are known for their perseverance and toughness. This is the kind of stunt that we’ve never seen in Chicago at this scale and it’s time to take a long hard look at this roster to see what we can do to get some winners to play for the Bulls. If you’re going to have the worst team in the league, don’t complain about how hard you work. Don’t proclaim how entitled you are as a player when you can’t even win but 25% of your games. I get that some guys were injured, but that’s absolutely no excuse for how the players are acting.
While it’s probably true that Fred Hoiberg was a “soft” coach, that’s not the kind of team we want or deserve as Chicago Bulls Fans. I would not mind if we kept Lauri,

Chicago Bullseye 408 – To Practice or Not to Practice

The Enigmatic Bulldog Kevin Anderson of NBC Sports Chicago discusses a tumultuous week for the Beloved Bulls. Was it the Coach or players who committed the gravest sins? Follow Kevin: @Kevin_NBCS Follow See Red Fred: @cbefred Email the Chicago Bullseye:

The Big Red Bus #23 – The Hoiberg Era Ends

The Great One @Doug_Thonus and See Red Fred @cbefred discuss the end of the Hoiberg era. This show was recorded just before the Indiana game.

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Chicago Bullseye 407 – Game 1 for Coach Boylen

See Red Fred @cbefred moderates a discussion with Keith Frantz @bullscripted and Brad Squires aka Buzz @SMBuzzWeed regarding Game 1 for Coach Boylen and the end of the Hoiberg era.

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Bulls Beat #397 – Time to Tank

The tank is back on as the Bulls have fallen to the 3rd worst record in the NBA.  I discuss the firing of Fred Hoiberg and why this doesn’t really impact whether Gar/Pax should be fired.   I also run down every important player on the Bulls roster and give some brief thoughts of where they are including Lauri after one game back.