Month: January 2016

Chicago Bullseye 298 Part 1 – Golden State State of Mind

Recorded after the Golden State victory over the Bulls.  Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher joins the Bullseye to discuss the GSW game & appreciating the beauty of Warriors basketball.

Other topics:

Spurs/Warriors “formula” with the Atlanta Hawks (Coach Bud, Bazemore, Justin Holiday, Splitter)

Remembering Johnny Bach, NBA pioneer Mac Otten, Sonics star John “JJ”Johnson

John “JJ” Johnson

Mac Otten

Johnny Bach

Chicago Bullseye 297 – The Roller Coaster Season Continues

Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher joins the Chicago Bullseye to discuss the losses to Milwaukee & Washington. The Spurs vs Warriors inevitable showdown is also previewed.

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Chicago Bullseye 296 – Talking Bulls w/ Big Dave from Bawl!

Interview with Big Dave from Bawl! This interview was recorded just before the game vs. the Celtics on 1.7.2016.  Fred and Dave discuss several current Bulls topics.

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Chicago Bullseye 295 – The Butler Did It

Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher discusses the incredible, record-breaking performance of Jimmy Butler in a road victory vs. the Raptors. We also discuss:
• Pete Maravich
• Meadowlark Lemon
• Average in College, Great in the Pros
• Sunset for the Suns

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Chicago Bullseye 294 – A Discussion w/ Basketball Historian Tim Gallagher

The Bulls vs Indiana Victory is Discussed / Bobby Portis / Jimmy Comments About Coach Fred / “Good in College, Better in the Pros” Examples / The Improvement of the East

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Chicago Bullseye 293 – Defending Coach Fred & Jimmy Talks

Part 1: Fred Calls the 670 the Score to defend Coach Fred from the sea of negativity.  Part 2:  Fred & Mark discuss Jimmy’s Comments shortly after the Knicks game.

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